Breaking bread… and routines

Ok, so I posted my Sunday thoughts just a couple of hours ago. Two blog posts in one day? Poor blog management, surely!

I see your point… but, um…

This doesn't need a caption, surely?

This doesn’t need a caption, surely?

And one more thing:

Cinnamon sugar bread 2

I know. This is a fitness blog. It’s not a food blog, and I justify posts about food by telling myself and the world that it’s about healthy eating, enjoying life, etc. Oh wait there. Enjoying life. Yup.

Today is a non-training day. I have trained about 8 hours this week, but today I woke up at 11am, got up at about 12.30pm, and haven’t really moved very much at all. So there really is no excuse for this cinnamon-sugar tear-n-share bread, especially not at 9pm before crawling into bed – if only it weren’t for the all-important “happiness” part of the equation.

See, there is no point in having a routine if you don’t break it every so often – there is no point in a diet without cheat days – and so that is why this bread exists, has been eaten, and is being posted about in the second post of the day. Plus, anyone who has ever baked bread (or had it baked for them…) will know that there is no point in making bread if you are not going to enjoy it fresh from the oven.

Here, look:

Cinnamon-sugar bread 3

“I have really been enjoying eating healthily lately”

“I feel so much better when I go to bed a little hungry”

“I try not to eat starchy carbs in my last meal of the day”

“I’m trying to have at least one grain-free day a week”

“No, I won’t post that yet, I’ll wait until later in the week to spread my blog posts out”

Yes, all of those are things I have said – repeatedly – lately. Many of them today. All of them this week. But I now bow down to the cinnamon-sugar hug-in-a-baking-tin and eat my words. And the bread.

Thank you Ben – and thank you Joy, whose Cinnamon-Sugar Pull-Apart Bread inspired this. I would imagine she named it “pull-apart” rather than “tear-n-share” because it is hard to share this bread. But I was lucky enough that Ben shared it with me, so I have given it some higher virtues to prove that you can be pretty and virtuous. Oh, and vegan. Because Ben replaced the  milk with soy milk, egg with egg replacer, and butter with vegan spread. So we can at least pretend it is a little bit healthier!

I could talk about this bread, and tell you it is moist and fluffy inside, warm and subtly spiced without being overly sweet, that the outside is crunchy and caramelised and sweet enough to make your mouth water as soon as your tongue touches a cinnamony sugar crystal, but that it still remains a bread rather than a cake – but you really should just go and make it. I could talk about the nutritional values, but I don’t think you should worry about that when eating a bread like this – and if you are, well, just share it and make some new buddies whilst halving your calorie intake.

Happy Sunday!

Sugar and spice and everything nice

Sugar and spice and everything nice


4 thoughts on “Breaking bread… and routines

    • greatveganexpectations says:

      It was just this one: but using egg replacer, soy milk, and Pure sunflower spread. Ben has made it several times since and even when it turns out slightly differently (more sugar, less sugar, slightly overcooked) it’s always delicious. I bet it would be incredible with coconut sugar, and I don’t see why you couldn’t use a flax “egg” instead of egg replacer to keep it more “natural” – let me know if you do try any other vegan variations!

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