Vegan chocolate reviews

Sugar and spice and everything nice? I think not… anyone who knows me will know that I am made up of roughly 60% chocolate, and 40% nut butter. Which, actually, is a whole heap of nice, so maybe the old nursery rhyme has a point.

Anyway, I eat a lot of chocolate, and I think about it even more. And occasionally, I get asked what treats I can eat as a vegan. So I thought that chocolate deserved its own special review page.

Now I have liked chocolate for a very long time, and I have become particularly passionate about it since going vegan, so I can’t quite remember everything I have tasted accurately enough to review it right now, but at least some of the more readily available brands in the UK should feature here. Note that I am a fan of dark chocolates at 70% cocoa or stronger, with 85% dark chocolate being the drug of choice, so sorry if that’s not your thing but there are some vegan “milk” chocolates here too. And don’t worry, I am on a mission to try everything!

“Milk” chocolate

Dark chocolate – plain

Dark chocolate – flavoured

Raw chocolate

Truffles and other

129 chocolates and chocolate products reviewed so far! Help me make this the biggest vegan chocolate review collection – and help me discover new and exciting chocolates – by dropping me an email or tweeting me!

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