Sunday thoughts

I feel like this has been an odd week. Nothing horrible has happened, a few really big highlights have been there, I have eaten some good food, I have trained well overall… and yet there is just something that hasn’t quite felt right this week. Maybe I am just getting too used to week after week being awesome these days?

But that’s what these Sunday thoughts are good for – breaking down the week and focussing on the good – so let’s not waste any more time.

New things I have learnt this week

My brain hasn’t been feeling very switched on this week, I must admit. In my lunch breaks at work I have either been reading blogs, writing blog posts, or getting away from the computer to sit with colleagues and chat away. In the evenings I have been finishing quite late at the gym, and haven’t been able to concentrate on reading anything informative in the very short time between finishing dinner and going to bed. However, I have started reading Becoming Batman by E. Paul Zehr, so hopefully some interesting facts will come out of that over the next few weeks. I have to say I have been loving the number of blogs I am now following, so I don’t feel like my brain is missing out on too much!

New things I have eaten this week

  • Having moved in with Ben, I got to explore his collection of Fry’s frozen meat-free products. I started with the Banger Style Sausages which are half the calories of Linda McCartney sausages (my usual staple frozen meat-free product), and noticeably less greasy. However, they also tasted less deliciously unhealthy! With a smooth texture reminiscent of Taifun Tofu sausages, I really enjoyed these but probably wouldn’t serve them to a meat-eater!
  • Ben and I randomly found ourselves having lunch at Down to Earth on High Street Kensington on Saturday. I won’t say any more for now because I will be putting out a post during the week which goes into the experience in much more detail, but if you find yourself in the area in the meantime do go and check it out!
  • I finally tried one of the Benecol Dairy Free Drinks that Ben and I spotted a few weeks ago – it is good! I had the tropical flavour and it tastes just like any other soy yoghurt, but obviously much more runny, and in a fun and handy drink format. They make a good addition to a smoothie or shake too!
  • Making more progress on my latest UK Vegan Food Swap box, I tried the Doves Farm Organic Lemon Zest Cookies. They are definitely tasty and full of tangy lemon zest flavour, but as I have noticed with other Doves Farm cookies they are very dry and crumbly. I bet they would be incredible as a cheesecake base or even included in a crumble topping… Just sayin’.

Other highlights this week

  •  Frankly, it has been a bit of a dull week overall, and the main highlights I can think of relate to training – had some tough training sessions, but really good all the same: Wednesday’s strength & conditioning class included a horrible kettlebell circuit (kettlebell swings and burpees – you get the idea) which apparently saw me put in a good performance  despite not being able to get off the ground for a few burpees, and the usual pressup test during which I added an extra rep to my PB. Friday’s grappling session was good – I did no-gi followed by gi which was tough but I worked really hard and feel like I put in a good effort. Saturday’s spinning class was hard after the previous night, but again I worked hard and got some good training out of it.
  • On Thursday I took my laptop in to work to work on a blog post that Sativa Shakes asked me to write. I was touched that they had asked me for my opinion on the subject on the Vegan Before 6 diet and it felt really good to sit down and write passionately for an hour instead of half-heartedly clicking through blogs or listening in on lunchtime chat. Sometimes I just need that.
  • Friday morning was a great morning at work – I was feeling good, I got some good work done, and I sent out an email to my colleagues officially announcing my departure and launching the invitation to my leaving do – a free group training session in the local park to launch my career as a personal trainer. I got so many lovely and encouraging replies, as well as a few requests to join in the session, so it really made me very happy and excited.
  • Another visit to Karma Free Pizzas on Friday was just what Ben and I needed to start winding the week down – I couldn’t handle a pizza after the two hours of very sweaty training I had just gone through, so I had their superfood salad (avocado, olives, beetroot and artichoke on a crisp classic salad) with potato wedges, followed by a big serving of vanilla ice cream – simple yet hearty and delicious, and it was nice to catch up with Ben in a quiet relaxed space.
  • I got two further installments of my logo development this week so I’m getting really excited about those being finalised!
  • It sounds silly, but this week I had plenty of healthy snacks on hand at work and have been feeling so much better for it – just being able to snack away absent-mindedly on carrot and cucumber sticks, almonds, dried mango… Without overeating or obsessing about when it would next be acceptable to eat. I also bought some soy milk to leave at work so I could finally just give in and make my own milky coffees, so that’s been oddly enjoyable.

So far Sunday has been a good day – I was worried when I woke up at 11am feeling unable to get out of bed, but I managed to get two loads of laundry done, drink lots of amazing tea and smoothies, do the grocery shopping, tidy our room a little bit, catch up on some blogs, draft a blog post for this week… Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to writing the blog post for Vitality TV that I was planning on writing this weekend, or working on the interview I am doing for Viva la Vegan!, or experimenting with any healthy protein bar or snack bar recipes, or tidying up the room as much as I had wanted, or writing to a friend from Southampton to give her all my latest news, so I am still feeling a little unsettled… but sometimes you just need to do not very much at all, and I think now is one of those times!

I hope you have all enjoyed your week, that your Sunday is going well if it isn’t over yet, and that you are ready to enjoy the new week ahead!