Raw chocolate

Last updated 25th March 2015

  • Cacao Crudo – Dark Chocolate 80%: Quite a standard dark raw chocolate, though a better texture than many. As smooth as a mainstream dark chocolate bar, but less sweet and less creamy.
  • Cacao Crudo – Raspberry: This was the most flavoursome bar of the lot, but unfortunately I found it far too tangy without enough sweetness.
  • Living Food of St Ives Raw Chocolate Festive Pie: I wasn’t sure what to expect from a small solid block called a “pie”, but I certainly didn’t expect what I got! I thought it would be quite a soft, squishy consistency like date-based raw sweets, but instead it was closer to just a chunk of raw chocolate. It was grainy and crunchy from the cacao nibs, with a generous scattering of soft and juicy dried cranberries. I cannot, however, describe the taste! Obviously the dominant flavour was that of raw chocolate, but with an extra pungent earthy kick to it, delicately spiced, and the odd waft of brandy pushing through. Very strange, and I would advise any novices to raw chocolate to stay away until they are tightly strapped on to the raw chocolate bandwagon!
  • Lucy’s Luscious Raw Chocolate Bar – Chili (vegan version): Really cute little chocolate bar in the form of two “fingers”. Quite crumbly, reminded me a lot more of Mr Popple’s chocolates than more commercial chocolates, which personally I quite liked. Crumbly, yes, but fairly creamy and melted really smoothly, not overly sweet, a warm tingle of chili – really good stuff.
  • Mr Popple’s Chocolate – Mint & Lime:  Crumbly, but so intensely flavoured you wouldn’t notice. Not overly sweet, as with all raw chocolate I have encountered, but just hits all the right spots.
  • Ombar Acai & Blueberry: I was disappointed by this. Although the chocolate was good, there was no real discernible fruity taste or sweetness to this bar.
  • Ombar Probiotic Coconut: Possibly my favourite from the range. Despite the distinctive raw chocolate “crumbliness” (which isn’t actually crumbly, to be fair) it was lightly sweet, almost milky, and not hugely coconutty which in my mind is a bonus.
  • Ombar Probiotic Dark 72%: Because of the absence of roasting in the manufacturing of this chocolate, there is none of the rich bitterness associated with dark chocolate. Fairly plain but can definitely hit the spot. Can’t say I’ve noticed any benefit from the added probiotics, though.
  • Pana Chocolate – Cinnamon: Smooth raw chocolate reminiscent of a truffle centre but the cinnamon flavour doesn’t quite mesh so well here – it is more powdery and medicinal than warming and sophisticated. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone not 100% committed to their raw chocolate (or chocolate and/or cinnamon) fix.
  • Pana Chocolate – Mint: The mint flavour of this bar is very fresh and pepperminty, which is a little at odds with the super creamy rich raw chocolate. Very tasty but not my favourite mint-chocolate bar.
  • Pana Chocolate – Orange: A classic combination rendered perfectly well in this ultra-smooth, decadently juicy chocolate slab. Love the format and packaging as well!
  • Pana Chocolate – Raw Cacao: A straightforward raw chocolate-flavoured bar (i.e. rich and strong but with less bitterness than a traditional chocolate) but with a super creamy texture like you’ve taken a mouthful of top quality chocolate spread. Excellent.
  • Pana Chocolate – Sour Cherry + Vanilla: Beautifully smooth and rich, like the inside of a truffle – none of the trademark raw chocolate powderiness, and all the bold taste. The sour cherry and vanilla flavours aren’t very pronounced though, which is a shame.
  • The Raw Chocolate Company Dark with Goji Berries & Orange: If I were to blind taste-test this, I probably wouldn’t detect this was raw. Admittedly it’s not as smooth and creamy as regular chocolate is, but the flavour is rich and deep like the beans have been roasted, and it’s got none of the pastiness I associate with raw chocolate. The orange flavour isn’t overly potent, but the berries are chewy and tangy. Not bad at all.

Total: 24

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