Milk and white chocolate

Last updated 22nd April 2015

  • Choices Dairy Free Chocolate Bar: Very sweet and quite pasty, it’s not high-quality chocolate but you know what you’re getting yourself in for. I like that it comes in a thick bar with easy-to-break-off segments.
  • Choices Easter Egg: Again, nothing hugely exciting, apart from the fact that it’s a vegan Easter Egg, but perfectly tasty.
  • Ethicoco Ecuadorian with Oat Milk: Very sweet and quite pasty, not reflecting the quality of the company and its bean-to-bar production. Although I have happily demolished my bar, nobody else enjoyed it at all. However, it is an all-vegan company and their chocolates are all organic and ethically sources, soy free and manufactured in a dairy- and nut-free environment, so they certainly have a lot going for them if you don’t mind very sweet chocolate!
  • Moo Free Dairy Free Chocolate Bar: Sweet, light, and smooth. Not overly sweet though, you can still taste cocoa unlike some milk chocolates, and not pasty. Can’t fault it.
  • Moo Free Dairy Free Banana Chocolate Bar: Crunchy organic banana chips line a bar of smooth creamy Moo Free dairy free chocolate. Visually very appealing, and the odd crunch is great, but the bananas have a tendency to crumble away from the chocolate and don’t taste very strongly of banana. A little disappointing, but still tasty chocolate!
  • Moo Free Dairy Free Cranberry & Hazelnuts Chocolate Bar: Lovely Moo Free dairy free chocolate as above, scattered with juicy and slightly tangy cranberries and crunchy earthy hazelnuts. The additions don’t particularly blend in with the flavour of the chocolate, but make for a pleasant textural experience!
  • Moo Free Mini Moos Sultana Dairy Free Chocolate Bars: Very cute little pack of lunchbox-sized chocolate bars. I love the added texture that the sultanas bring, though I was expecting more sweet juiciness. However, the chocolate is still delicious and a little bar of this is the perfect way to end a lunch break at work.
  • Humdinger Dairy Free Buttons: Why does chocolate always taste better when it’s in a different shape? Very sweet and a bit pasty, but the novelty of eating something other than plain chocolate bars makes up for it.
  • Humdinger Dairy Free White Chocolate Buttons: Although I prefer “milk” chocolate to white chocolate, I think I preferred these to their cocoa counterparts. It’s been a while since I had dairy white chocolate, but I’d say these are pretty much identical!
  • Vantastic Foods Schakalode White Chocolate & Raspberry: Not as sweet as I remember dairy white chocolate being… And that is a very good thing! Not overly tasty, but pleasingly subtle with little flecks of crunchy tangy raspberry. Never was a fan of white chocolate, but I like this, so thumbs up!
  • Vego: This bar is immediately appealing due to its size, colourful packaging, and promise of whole hazelnuts. The reason I will go back for more is because of the silky and creamy milk chocolate, by far the most convincing of its kind I have encountered. Two thumbs up, only because I don’t have more than two thumbs.
  • Vivani Almond Orange Rice Chocolate: Excellent, creamy-smooth rice-milk chocolate, juicy warm orange flavour, and a sprinkling of crunchy chewy almond. Pretty hard to fault!
  • Vivani White Nougat Crisp: This is the kind of vegan chocolate that makes you check the ingredients three times, it tastes so non-vegan. Absolutely melts into smooth creaminess in your mouth, with just the right amount of crispy chewy texture from buttery hazelnut nougat nuggets. Probably the best white chocolate I have ever had, vegan or not.

Total: 15

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