The Vegan Protein Shake Leader Board

Because my Protein & Recovery Shakes page was getting a little long and wordy, I thought I would summarise everything in a table.

I have listed price per 100g, protein per 100g and price per gram of protein – this is because the serving size of one product can provide double the amount of protein recommended by another manufacturer, and everyone has a different desired level of protein intake.

Rankings are based on enjoyability scores, without taking price into account. This is because price is not my main priority, and if somebody is using this to take price into account it is easy to look up the price of the product. Plus, discounts and deals are usually available and shipping costs will vary.

Please note that the headings highlighted in the palest purple are purely subjective – I provide some guidance on my evaluations below.

Price: This is the price quoted on the company’s main website, at the cheapest rate for one unit of product (i.e. 1kg instead of 500g, but no multibuy deals). Where the company is based abroad I have converted the price to pounds sterling, but not taken into account shipping costs.

Taste: 1 is “I couldn’t drink this“, 5 is “Completely neutral and easily combined with other flavours“, 10 is “I genuinely enjoyed drinking this and looked forward to my next serving“.

(A note on flavours: where I have listed a specific flavour, it means I have only tried this flavour of a product; where I have noted “all flavours”, I have tried all or most flavours and the taste score is based on how natural the flavourings taste, overall how good they are, and what the base taste is like.)

Mixability: 1 is “This forms large clumps even using a shaker or blender“, 5 is “Requires a shaker and some vigorous shaking but eventually goes smooth“, 10 is “Mixes smoothly even when stirred by a spoon in a glass“.

Texture: 1 is “Gritty and/or watery and/or grainy no matter what it is mixed with“, 5 is “Drinkable but not overly pleasant“, 10 is “Smooth and creamy, enjoyable as a drink and not just as a supplement“.

Additional ingredients bonus: based on number of added ingredients, and relevance to my own health and fitness interests.

Value for money index: based on price per gram of protein and overall enjoyability score – just an effort on my part to bring price into the equation, but not necessarily an evaluation I would use as I prefer to think about the enjoyability score as a whole first, and then think about my budget.

I hope this helps – happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “The Vegan Protein Shake Leader Board

  1. PAras says:

    This is very useful – very rare to find such information in one portal – a good source of information considering all aspects of the shakes and someone who actually know what they are talking about – perfect.
    It would be interesting to see how the Nature’s Best Pea Protein fairs amongst the range of shakes you have mentioned above – it a UK based product with high protein content – seems pretty good, however no reviews so seems fairly new.

    • greatveganexpectations says:

      Thanks, I’m really glad you found it useful! It’s hard to know how much of a personal spin to put on things, so I know this is by no means objective, but hopefully it helps put things into perspective a little. I’ll do my best to grab hold of some Nature’s Best and add it in 🙂 Let me know if you find any others that would be worth getting hold of!

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