Sunday thoughts: 7th December 2014

Is it just me, or do weeks where you start with a day or two off seem longer than the full Monday-to-Friday routine? This has undoubtedly been my most productive week maybe ever but certainly since going independent (and yes, sleeping, eating and training all count as productive, as does napping on the bus when you are stuck in traffic without moving for 20 minutes). So if anybody feels like getting me an early Christmas present, I could do with a couple extra days of the week. Preferably weekend days, but beggars can’t be choosers. Continue reading

Sunday thoughts: 9th November 2014

I haven’t actually told you guys about my epic journey back from Paris last Monday, have I? (unless you are my parents, in which case I have)

See, usually it goes like this:

  1. Walk 1min to station, buy ticket, wait 5-10mins
  2. Get on train, sleep/read/eat all snacks within reach for 1h20
  3. Get off train, avoid walking into busy Parisians through Gare du Nord, scan Eurostar ticket, show passport, get bag x-rayed, go to toilet, wait 30-45mins
  4. Get on Eurostar, sleep/read/wish I hadn’t eaten all my snacks for 2h30
  5. And then I’m in London!

Continue reading

Sunday thoughts: 28th September 2014

Would you believe that I almost didn’t write Sunday thoughts this week? I know, right?!

See, I spent yesterday at VegfestUK and came back all full of thoughts and tastes and photos, and thought – why don’t I just post my Vegfest round-up and leave a Sunday thoughts-style post for later in the week?

But then I remembered all the awesome things about this week and of course, I realised that Sunday thoughts are great because they are a chance to reflect on the week before gearing up for another. So, here are the last Sunday thoughts of September! Continue reading

Sunday thoughts: 21st September 2014

You might have noticed that I don’t say this very often, but this week has flown by.

I know as a saying it’s a cliché, but frankly I don’t find that time flies away from me. Maybe it’s because I have gotten better at living “in the moment” since attending my meditation course, maybe it’s because my job won’t really allow me to live any other way, maybe it’s because I am not following a specific training schedule that forces me to think ahead and plan, or maybe it’s because I am lazy and constantly looking forward to the weekend which never comes fast enough. Continue reading

Sunday thoughts: 14th September 2014

I am delighted to sit down to some Sunday thoughting (not to be confused with thinking) as it gives me another reason to delay responding to the emails which seem to have piled up again despite my frantic efforts to plough through them at any available moments, much to the annoyance of Ben and fellow pedestrians.

Wait, no. That’s not it. Continue reading

Sunday thoughts: 7th September 2014

And another week of life goes past, and I have no complaints. I have to say, it has been a particularly easygoing week; wake up in France with the family around, have a delicious family lunch, an easy journey back full of reading and a bit of sleeping, a lovely evening home to Ben. Then, a few birthday surprises for Ben and a lovely day out for us both, and the next day, another birthday surprise (the cake, whose arrival I had failed to wake up for on his actual birthday, and then missed the depot opening times… Sigh) and a leisurely return to work.

But let’s get on with the formalities, other highlights will have to wait! Continue reading

Sunday thoughts: 31st August 2014

When your week begins with a cancellation and a solidly rained out Bank Holiday Monday (during which cabin fever ensued, which prompted the half-hearted assembly of a shelf, to be interrupted by a lull in the rain which encouraged us to leap across London to the final moments of the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition), you know it’s going to be a bit of a strange week. Continue reading