A bite of sunshine

Sometimes, things don’t quite work out the way you plan.

Take last Wednesday; I had a whole day off but I got myself out of bed at a reasonable time, got myself dressed in normal clothes rather than training gear, and got myself out the door right on time, and after an hour of travelling I arrived at the station I was meeting my friend at. I found a patch of sunshine sheltered from the wind, looked up where we were going for lunch and how to get there, and waited patiently… After half an hour, I decided to text her to see how she was getting on. Continue reading

A dish by any other name

There are many reasons I’m not a food blogger, but a lack of desire to cook is not one of them. It’s not even that I’m a horrible cook or an uninspired one – it’s just that whatever I cook always springs up out of nowhere, usually doesn’t remember anything that I could put a name to apart from my recently-adopted “vegetable mess”, and I certainly never have any idea what went into it. Continue reading

Summer lovin’

So by now you all know I don’t do recipes. Nor do I do beautiful food photography, or reviews of my local farmer’s market (find me one and I might look into doing that, though!), or much else that vegan bloggers seem to do.

I do, however, love food. And I love summer. And I actually do love eating healthy, fresh, whole food. There is plenty of room in my diet for frozen vegan sausages, vegan pizza (not the healthy cheeseless pita pizza kind, either), vegan ice cream, vegan cake, and anything else unhealthy you can think of. But it’s when I eat colourful, textured, juicy, seasonal food that I feel my most vibrant. Continue reading

Sunday thoughts

One thing I try to do with my training log is pick out a few things that went well in every session, and a few things that went badly. So many times I feel like I have a bad session, and leave in a bad mood to stew in my grumpiness all evening, trying to find ways to “punish” myself – no chocolate, no this or no that – only to sit down and record the session and realise that actually, I managed to pull off a move I’ve never done before, or I managed not to make a particular mistake I had kept making.

It’s the little things that count, yes, but it’s also the little things that are so easy to forget. Continue reading

New highs, new lows

I don’t intend for this post to be about low points. It’s Sunday, I’ve had a good relaxing weekend, and I’m off home on Thursday for a few days on a spontaneous impulse decision.

However, when it comes to training, often the low points are the high points. It’s when you hit that deepest darkest place of pain and fear that you make the most progress. So although my private jiu-jitsu session today with one of the head coaches at the gym was a terrifying experience, I learnt more in that short space of time than I have in a year of regular classes.

As I once told a friend whose plan hadn’t worked out as he’d hoped, “It’s better to make the best out of a bad situation, than to make the worst out of a good situation”. Continue reading

Old dogs, new tricks

So I had a thought tonight. Well, I actually had a few, but only one that would be really relevant to this blog.

Assuming we live until we’re about 80, and eat 3 meals a day, we’ll eat 87,600 meals in a lifetime. Now I’m pretty sure there aren’t 87,600 separate ingredients on the planet, or even 87,600 specific combinations to create what we would generally consider a “dish”. Time to let those ingredients start doing some healthy experimenting, mingling with different crowds, networking, or whatever analogy you feel is most appropriate. Continue reading