Don’t believe the hype

Although our bodies that have evolved over centuries, it seems that we need a new and groundbreakingly different fitness regime about once every few months.

I understand; variety is the spice of life and with physical fitness being a vital part of life, it makes sense to keep your training routine fun and varied. I’m as susceptible to new fitness kit as anyone – and I’m especially loving the new trend for bright, bold patterns – but I’m no fan of jumping from one workout format to another with no purpose or preparation. Continue reading

Claire through the looking glass

As Ben and I wandered around Southampton last weekend, I spent our time pointing out where I used to train, where I went the day I first decided to go vegan towards the end of my second year (The Art House, if you’re asking; I went to ask about vegan groups and societies, having been vegan before and given up from lack of support – I ended up having a chat with a bunch of strangers there over a free slice of cake, and left feeling excited and positive about the world), obviously where I went to uni, recalling my hurried walk after classes from the campus to the gym whilst shoving a peanut butter sandwich down my neck, where I lived, where I shopped, where I (very occasionally) went out… So many more memories than I knew I had! Continue reading