Whiskers on kittens

You know what, there would have been a time when I’d have been ashamed to be seen quoting The Sound of Music twice (actually, three times) on my blog, but as I want to talk about some of my favourite things at the moment, I really couldn’t ignore the fact that every time I drafted this post in my head (yeah, I do that – maybe that’s why I never notice things on the street around me?) I ended up with “that song” stuck in my head. Misery loves company, as Ben would say. Continue reading

It’s the little vegan things that count (especially when they come in a big box)

Right this is going to have to be a quick one because despite tonight being an “early” training night it is still 10 past 10 and after deciding I had no reason to avoid doing cross-trainer sprints yet again, my body could do with its recovery sleep!

However, this post is long overdue as my birthday was now well over two weeks ago and I still haven’t posted the box of treats Ben got me! Continue reading

A tale of veganism, healthy eating, and conviction

That’s two days in a row now I have enjoyed a healthy, simple, and delicious lunch at work and forgotten to take pictures of it. It has been commented on several times for looking and smelling appealing (by people who have spent £5 on food from the local stalls and would probably never dream of looking up a recipe).

To give you an idea of the recipe, for 5 days’ worth of lunches I used 3 medium sweet potatoes, 2 peppers (one red, one yellow), 5 little blocks of frozen spinach, a lot of dry soy mince (though I normally prefer to make this with tofu, and even soy chunks are normally preferable, which in the UK you can normally find super cheap in Asian foodstores), 1 can of coconut milk, a large chunk of fresh ginger, 5 cloves of garlic, a generous splash of soy sauce, an alarming amount of madras curry powder, and a little bit of coriander powder (though fresh would have been better). Continue reading