Sunday thoughts: 23rd November 2014

After reading back through last week’s Sunday thoughts, I feel a little sheepish posting these as it has been a much less eventful week! So if you haven’t read those, maybe just have a look at them and ignore these ones.

Oh but before you go, I should promote my end-of-year special offer on personal training! I’ve written a short introductory blog post about it over on Great Expectations Fitness, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. Please do share it with anyone who might be interested. Continue reading

Living for the weekend

I think I have a different concept of living for the weekend. Whereas most people seem to abandon the gym and their diets once released from the shackles of the “nine-to-five”, I seem to get healthier for those two days that I can do whatever I want.

There is no mystery behind this, though. I eat when I am bored, and when I sit at a desk I am bored. I also eat out of habit, and there is nothing more habit-forming than an office job. Continue reading

Sunday thoughts

Not really a huge amount to say about this week. It has been a good week in terms of work, not such a great week in terms of training. After a worse-than-average training session last Sunday, I have been feeling quite tired all week, and it didn’t help that I hurt my neck on Monday night and struggling with it all week. Continue reading

Sunday thoughts

Another busy week – possibly the busiest week for me in about 6 months, and I can’t say I dealt with it particularly well! I can barely remember last Monday this week has been so long and busy, and I was in soulless mechanical work-mode all week just to get things done. I did watch a TED talk on mindfulness at one point, mainly just to remind myself to slow down for fear of burning out before the weekend! Continue reading

A day of fun, fights, and food

To say I’m a creature of habit would be an understatement.

However, every so often I manage to unfurl myself from my little nest of comfort and actually take advantage of the fact that I am young and have pretty much everything going for me at the moment. Hence why last weekend I decided to return to Southampton for the first time in two years, to visit my first Thai boxing gym and help out at their fight show. Continue reading