Vegan in Gran Canaria – Part 1

Apologies for the silence – I have been thinking of this blog and my readers, but I am on holiday in Gran Canaria and besides the fact that I do just want to get away from the computer most of the time, we actually don’t have internet access in our accommodation and it’s only now, on our second full day, that we have tracked down a bar with WiFi. Continue reading

Number munching

We are a society of instruction-followers. We love rules, some of us only because we love an excuse to break them, and despite what some of us may think we hate decisions – especially those which carry some degree of responsibility.

That’s my only explanation for why everyone is always looking for some sort of diet plan which will solve all their problems and take the guesswork out of healthy eating (if you are wondering what guesswork is involved in healthy eating, congratulations, you have passed, give yourself a pat on the back). Continue reading

Veganism and fitness: Australia edition

Although it would seem my blogging muscle has gone dormant since I’ve been on holiday, I do think it would be ludicrous for me to leave here without blogging at least once (besides my retrospective of plane food and the old Sunday thoughts) about being a vegan into health and fitness in Australia.

My memories of Australia weren’t particularly encouraging on the vegan front. I remember a lot of blank stares, a lot of non-committal shrugs, and a lot of salad sandwiches. Luckily, Australia has always been very good at salad sandwiches and wraps, so it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Continue reading

New highs, new lows

I don’t intend for this post to be about low points. It’s Sunday, I’ve had a good relaxing weekend, and I’m off home on Thursday for a few days on a spontaneous impulse decision.

However, when it comes to training, often the low points are the high points. It’s when you hit that deepest darkest place of pain and fear that you make the most progress. So although my private jiu-jitsu session today with one of the head coaches at the gym was a terrifying experience, I learnt more in that short space of time than I have in a year of regular classes.

As I once told a friend whose plan hadn’t worked out as he’d hoped, “It’s better to make the best out of a bad situation, than to make the worst out of a good situation”. Continue reading