Sunday thoughts: 3rd August 2014

Happy August from France, where August = holiday!

I had completely forgotten how much of an institution summer holidays are here; it’s not unusual to find local businesses closed for 2-4 weeks during August, and it’s not frowned upon. This might sound crazy if you’re used to the 24/7 everything-NOW city lifestyle, but I think it’s nice to see, actually¬†see, people taking time off – not just posting photos of their coconut water on the beach on Instagram.

So with that in mind, a slightly lengthy post with plenty of links to places you can waste time and soak up some words. They all contain plenty of other links to other places you can while away some time. Remember, that limbo of in-between-things might be all we have. Enjoy the journey. Continue reading

Sunday thoughts

Another fairly nondescript week has gone by, with some notable successes including another translation, selling some Great Expectations Fitness t-shirts and getting some photos taken with Matt, to whom I am donating half of the profits, two afternoons with friends, lots of blogging, one awesome training session, a new sports watch, and signing a new client up. Actually, that’s starting to sound a little better than “nondescript”! Continue reading

Sunday thoughts

What a strange, mixed week again! Monday and Tuesday dragged on like you wouldn’t believe – two fairly long days at the start of a pretty busy week, during which I visited a new site that I am finally happy to train clients out of, spent a while doing lots of little admin bits and pieces, taught a circuits class which was frankly a bit of a handful due to the range of people who attended it, and got home after 10pm every night still needing to cook and eat dinner. Continue reading