Vegan in Gran Canaria – Part 3

The fun of a holiday definitely starts at the airport for me. When travelling on my own, I insist on bringing all my food and snacks and buying nothing (or, occasionally, if I’m feeling frivolous or preparing my own food isn’t an option, I might splurge on a salad from Pret A Manger), but when travelling with others it is a treat to buy food at the airport. Don’t ask me why, as it rarely turns out to be a culinarily fulfilling experience. Continue reading

Sunday thoughts

As our holiday begins to draw to a close, on our penultimate day I have managed to catch just a little too much sun. As always. I’m not burnt, really, but have brought back just a little red glow from poolside. This is the first day that unadulterated sunshine has carried through into the mid-to-late afternoon, hence why I was able to spend more time in the sun after my swim (read: after my suncream had washed off) than I normally would. Luckily, it just makes it less difficult to be sitting out of the sun on a laptop!

Not that writing my Sunday thoughts is ever a tedious endeavour, mind, and this week I have plenty to say Continue reading