Guest post: Viv’s Vegan Month

A couple of months ago, when I found out about World Vegan Month in November, I published a rare Facebook status which read: “To all of you who eye up my food whenever we eat together… To all who have eaten something I’ve made and enjoyed it… And to everyone else who admits I am fit and healthy… Try a month without animal products in November and I promise I’ll help you out with a plentiful supply of dairy-free egg-free baked goods!”. Continue reading

A dish by any other name

There are many reasons I’m not a food blogger, but a lack of desire to cook is not one of them. It’s not even that I’m a horrible cook or an uninspired one – it’s just that whatever I cook always springs up out of nowhere, usually doesn’t remember anything that I could put a name to apart from my recently-adopted “vegetable mess”, and I certainly never have any idea what went into it. Continue reading

Number munching

We are a society of instruction-followers. We love rules, some of us only because we love an excuse to break them, and despite what some of us may think we hate decisions – especially those which carry some degree of responsibility.

That’s my only explanation for why everyone is always looking for some sort of diet plan which will solve all their problems and take the guesswork out of healthy eating (if you are wondering what guesswork is involved in healthy eating, congratulations, you have passed, give yourself a pat on the back). Continue reading

Sunday thoughts

Quite a busy week for me, but one which has worked out quite well. A 4,500 word translation took up a fair bit of time, but I found some creativity and inspiration left over for a bit of blog-writing, completed everything in my final week of Coursera, and managed to get over 5 hours of BJJ training in – as well as a solid lower body explosivity session, the usual Saturday morning spinning and strength & conditioning, and two massages, teaching my weekly classes and personal training clients. Continue reading