Breakfast on cloud 9bar

I love breakfast.

I love that my tastebuds aren’t awake enough yet to crave intense flavours, and that a banana tastes like cake. I love that I’m never ragingly hungry enough to devour vast amounts of whatever is nearest, so I can take my time crafting to perfect combination of flavours and textures and nutrition. I love that whatever I do crave, I can eat it, because pretty much anything goes at breakfast. Continue reading

An ode to the weekend

I love breakfast. After much thought and deliberation I have to admit that breakfast is indeed my favourite meal of the day.

So it’s odd that I rarely allow myself to enjoy it; I wake up late, admittedly, and most of my work only kicks off later in the day. So I take my time, I potter around, I wait until I’m properly hungry. Then, bam – I need food in me. I briefly consider making something different, but I love my old oats-banana-cinnamon-nutbutter-molasses combo so much that I decide to stick with it at least one more day because right now, I’m just hungry. Tomorrow, I say, I’ll try something different. Continue reading

Sunday thoughts

As I write this I am wrapped up in bed in blankets and fuzzy clothes and shawls, looking out at a grey sky and a bare tree and rain spattered all over the fogged-up windows. Hard to believe that I began the week in an Australian summer (unfortunately I can’t describe an idyllic scene of blue skies and scorching suns as the weather was pretty miserable on the Monday we left)!

And yet, it has been a good week, and I’m looking forward to sharing its highlights with you all. Continue reading

Guest post: Viv’s Vegan Month

A couple of months ago, when I found out about World Vegan Month in November, I published a rare Facebook status which read: “To all of you who eye up my food whenever we eat together… To all who have eaten something I’ve made and enjoyed it… And to everyone else who admits I am fit and healthy… Try a month without animal products in November and I promise I’ll help you out with a plentiful supply of dairy-free egg-free baked goods!”. Continue reading

Sunday thoughts

Happy Sunday all! This has been another easy and enjoyable week. Sure, it had its ups and downs, and I¬†never enjoy getting up in the morning, but with plenty of tea, freshly ground coffee delivered to my door, doggy cuddles, biscuits and brunches, running into ex-colleagues (at what point do you start calling them “friends”?) and meeting up with old friends, I think we can safely say it’s been another good week. Continue reading

Sunday thoughts

What another good week. Is it just a coincidence that I’ve had two of the best weeks in a long time since coming back from my meditation course? Who knows, but either way, I’ll take it…

New things I’ve learnt this week

As I pointed out last week, I have been making a big effort to watch more training videos as a way to soak up more knowledge and reference points. I am finding myself increasingly drawn to watching American football training sessions, as they combine highly technical athleticism with ferocious intensity and huge volume, as well as mind-boggling budgets. Continue reading