Sunday thoughts: 7th December 2014

Is it just me, or do weeks where you start with a day or two off seem longer than the full Monday-to-Friday routine? This has undoubtedly been my most productive week maybe ever but certainly since going independent (and yes, sleeping, eating and training all count as productive, as does napping on the bus when you are stuck in traffic without moving for 20 minutes). So if anybody feels like getting me an early Christmas present, I could do with a couple extra days of the week. Preferably weekend days, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Failing that, it has actually all been pretty cool, so here we go:

Food for thought

  • This is it – I have finally gone back to structured learning! As I write this, I have several tabs open in my browser murmuring words of basic anatomy and function of the gastrointestinal digestive tract to me – and if you think that sounds exciting, try these on for a whirl: “lamina propria”, “oesophageal hiatus”, “mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue”. Ooh. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, not much fun news to give you from that neck of the woods!

Unfortunately, between that and a translation and perhaps my busiest week of personal training to date, I haven’t used the internet for anything fun this week. Joy the Baker is very good at it, so check out her latest instalment of her version of Sunday thoughts for some good clicking.

Thought for food

  • Meeting up with friends from uni on Friday, we ended up in Sagar which I hadn’t eaten at for years. I think they were a little disappointed that the non-vegetarian place next door had a waiting time of an hour (who waits for an hour?!) but I was over the moon! Sagar vegan thaliI didn’t even bother attempting to choose anything and just asked for a vegan thali, which isn’t on the menu, and it came with two huge fluffy greasy puris. Highly recommend!
  • About 18 months ago, Ben and I wandered into Tibits which I had heard so much about. We didn’t eat and I never attempted to go back as I was unimpressed by the lack of interesting, decadent and varied vegan options. So I could only be pleasantly surprised by the amazing plate of food I was able to put together – for just £13 – on my first visit last night for a vegan meet up. Tibits vegan plateClockwise from top some broccoli and greens salad, orecchiette pasta salad with tofu and olives, breaded fried okra, a soy escalope, marinated mushroom antipasti, aubergine antipasti, and a kale and cranberry salad. On the top I chucked some amazing dried green bean salad or something, and a bit of lahmacun with soy mince. I squeezed in some caramelised onion chutney and some mango chutney (I think). The bread roll was complimentary. It was a perfect meal that didn’t need a dessert but I had to have some out of curiosity – no photos I’m afraid as I find buffet desserts quite depressing to look at, no matter how delicious! Bottom line is – I would definitely go back to Tibits!

Happy thoughts

The week has been good throughout, but here are some highlights nonetheless, as what is a week without highlights? What is anything without highlights?

  • On Tuesday night I was invited round to a friend’s for dinner. She made us a really delicious aubergine curry and dhal, and I brought my favourite spicy mango chutney and some chapatis. We ate with her flatmate, I talked a LOT, she caught me up on some gossip, then we watched Grand Designs and occasionally yelled at the TV. It was perfect.
  • Ben has been wonderful and made us all sorts of delicious dinners this week while I’ve been frantically trying to get stuff done; chilli, roast dinners with sausages and mash… Makes being too busy to cook so worth it!
  • I got to see a friend and old housemate from uni that I hadn’t seen since we graduated, which was pretty exciting if a little (a lot) terrifying to think how long it has been since we graduated. And that meal at Sagar…
  • Although I was dreading Saturday a little because of the number of things I had booked in, it turned out perfectly; work, back home to change and dump my huge bag and get to see some more of Ben, back out to see a couple of friends who are some of the most amazing people I know, then on to meet the aforementioned group of lovely London vegans who for some absurd reason I had never met before! I’m not very good at meeting and socialising with new people but it was effortless with them.
  • I’m not going to lie. Sleeping in today, with no alarm and no obligations, was a pretty big deal. Drinking heaps of tea and not having breakfast on the go was cool as well.
  • Oh, and how could I forget coming home on Tuesday night to find that Ben had given our little cave a festive glow? These fairy lights make me so happy!Fairy lights

I’ll leave you with that, folks, as I have Christmas shopping to do and coursework to get through. Weirdly it’s actually the shopping I’m struggling to get motivated for. But then, I do get excited about stationery and thought it would be appropriate to go for dinner in Central London on Friday night in my work clothes (i.e. tracksuit bottoms, hoodie and trainers) so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

Happy Sunday! xoxo