Sunday thoughts: 16th November 2014

I can’t believe last Monday was just a few days ago, it seems like we have crammed so much into this week!

Food for thought

Again, not much studying time at all this week. There have been a couple of afternoons at home, one filled with cooking (more on that below) and one filled with writing (more on that here). But a few things on my mind and computer screen, apart from Christmas shopping (did I really just say that?):

  • Well this week there has been Kim Kardashian and that has pretty much been the extent of the internet. A few other views on the photos here and here. I have my feelings on all of this which is that assuming that one of the most famous women on the planet at the moment has no idea what statement the photos she appears in are making is naive and simplistic and quite wrong (regarding that second link, I think this applies to Grace Jones too). And then there’s this, which is amusing and spot-on!
  • On a very different note, I appear to have maybe given myself tendonitis in my thumb from having switched phones to a pretty large and user-friendly smart phone. I make the first point because it causes my thumb to flick around more, and I make the second point because it encourages me to use my phone more. Oops. Rehab for me. For my thumb. From using my phone. Hello, 21st century.
  • Speaking of the 21st century, I loved this. It constitutes a rant that my friend Vivien and I have had numerous times before, and it is so so true. We have all been guilty of it, but let’s not anymore.
  • But social media and the internet and the world we live in isn’t all bad! Just watch Chef. You won’t regret it (especially if you have a giant greasy toasted sandwich handy).

Thought for food

  • Oh my goodness, I wish I wish I wish I could tell you all about the dinner I made on Monday night… but as I am recipe testing for another blogger I have to keep it all to myself. Maybe I can tell you it involved a small pasta and a creamy sauce? I’d rather play it safe and not ruin anyone’s marketing strategy but I can tell you it was so delicious, and surprisingly easy, and I think it is one of the best things I have made maybe ever, and Ben says it tasted exactly like a notoriously unhealthy commercial version he had tasted before in the States. I can’t wait to share pictures and tell you more!
  • We had delicious leftovers for days, but we also got to eat at the Harrods Pizzeria with a client of mine, where we had some really very good pizza. I ordered the vegetariana without cheese and, frankly, didn’t miss the cheese. Their tomato sauce was simply perfect. Unfortunately the Godiva café couldn’t serve us anything vegan so I had a banana and strawberry salad, before we went on to drink too much coffee and eat some amazing dates at In-Q Café. It was my first time ever visiting Harrods and I was pleasantly surprised (though I still don’t get the fuss over their horrible moss-green carrier bags).
  • Yesterday after finally visiting the remembrance poppies at the Tower of London, we wandered over to Brick Lane where I couldn’t resist getting the same injera platter I had enjoyed from Ethiopiques a couple of months ago. And lucky I did as we ended up eating too much too late and scrapped our movie-and-Mosob plans, so I’m glad I got my Ethiopian fix! Is it just me or is there a sudden influx of Ethiopian food on Instagram?

Happy thoughts

  • So many good things this week! First off: Counting Crows on Tuesday! The crowd were pretty awful, but the band were amazing. Counting Crows CamdenTo the guy who threw bottles at the roadies because the band didn’t play your favourite (read: the most famous) song, please just stay at home next time with your Greatest Hits album and let the rest of us enjoy the music.
  • After a number of clients being unwell last week, it was great to work with them again this week!
  • It feels so good to be training again too. I knocked 9 seconds off last week’s half-mile cross-trainer effort too, without feeling like I was about to float away from this world, so that was cool. Feeling strong and fit and a little more in touch with everything in my body.
  • Although I hadn’t been too sure what to expect, I had a great time at Example‘s show in Brixton on Friday. Example BrixtonHe is one of Ben’s clients and generously gave us tickets. A few of our friends came along too and everyone had a good time by the looks of things, so we were happy all round. On the way back I snacked on some leftover roast veg and grilled tofu, as you totally do on your way home from a night out, while Ben feasted at Dirty Burger who, incidentally, offer a vegan-friendly alternative if you get the “Dirty Cop Out” without the mayo. It might just be a portobello mushroom, which personally I don’t believe constitutes a burger, but at least you won’t starve at midnight in Vauxhall (note: I didn’t ask about the bun as I just wanted to go and eat my lunchbox of leftovers).
  • Frankly, the existence of Saturday was pretty much a highlight this week. It’s my favourite day of the week and has been for years. This Saturday was extra-perfect as it included a lie-in, a bit of training sans cardio, a leisurely visiting of the Tower of London and its amazing (albeit partially dismantled) remembrance display of ceramic poppies, and a £5 Ethiopian feast in Brick Lane. Tower of London poppiesThen an early home-time, some comforting leftovers, hot chocolate, and Chef!

Continuing on with last night’s theme of chill, I am about to tuck into a big bowl of sautéed potatoes with tofu, and tomato with okra, to be scooped up with a giant lavash before we wander out into the November dampness to the cinema.

Have a lovely warming evening all, and a good start to a new week! xoxo