Sunday thoughts: 2nd November 2014

Hello, friends! If you were around for last week’s Sunday thoughts, you might recall that I was feeling very much beaten by my unofficial to-do list. Well, this week, I am very much back on track but I can’t take any credit; things just fell into place.

While a busy day/quiet day/busy day/quiet day schedule this week did make it hard to get my head around each day’s workload (fearing the busy days, then adjusting to being busy, and getting day-off anxiety on quiet days), it was ideal for getting stuff done in the big chunks of time. So I’m feeling pretty positive!

Boutigny creeper

This is the creeper facing our family house in France – I haven’t edited the colours!

Food for thought

  • I got back on my studies this week! As I suspected, there was absolutely nothing of note in the article on training principles for power development (basically, power = force x velocity, so to increase power you should probably train your strength and your speed and occasionally both at the same time)… I guess it’s a good sign that I already knew everything it had to say!
  • The other article I read was on muscle dysmorphia, which is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. As the name implies, it is a condition in which individuals who may or may not be muscular and/or physically healthy, but believe they lack muscularity and become obsessed with training and eating in order to build more muscle mass. The article I read referred specifically and repeatedly to males, which I found irritating as it can obviously affect females too, though it tends not to – and I thought the emphasis could be damaging to the awareness of anorexia and bulimia and other thinness-centred eating disorders among men.
  • I found this article on why women may be reluctant to report sexual assault highly interesting and valuable. I had never realised how invasive the usual questions asked of a victim during cross-examination are, and I was really shocked and disgusted by some of the examples given. Note that this article could be triggering.
  • Last night I watched Miss Representation. Brilliant and inspiring documentary about women, power, and the media – I highly recommend it if you haven’t see it yet!

Thought for food

  •  Food this week has been nice and simple, hearty and comforting: a veggie pie, lots of grilled tofu and roast veggies, multiple puff pastry tarts, a pizza from Village Pizza (sun dried tomato, peppers, spinach and pine kernels for me), oh, and finally some vanilla Almond Dream ice cream (sorry, “non-dairy dessert”)! I was pretty impressed with the taste which I found a little less cloying than our staple Swedish Glace. I hope my local Waitrose soon begins carrying the other flavours that I know are available in the UK too as I am dying to be reunited with my childhood favourite Mint Choc Chip!
  • My aunt picked me up some Céréalpes organic, vegetarian grain “galettes” which she usually buys for her omnivore self.
    Cerealpes galettesShe bought a pack of each flavour, but a couple weren’t vegan (they contained cheese). The rest were so I selected a Provençale one and the pictured “Indienne”. They are made from whole wheat, brown rice, whole oats, plus some oil, herbs, spices, and seasonings, miscellaneous vegetables and, in this case, lentils. They’re not bad; both pretty mild in flavour but the Provençale was miles better than the Indienne. In shape and thickness they’re somewhere between a “galette” (of a buckwheat pancake variety) and a patty; it’s hard to know what their intended serving use is. I just ate them on their own with vegetable sides, but certainly didn’t pick at any remaining ones cold from the pack. But if I had, they’d have made a perfectly satisfying and nutritious savoury computer snack.

Happy thoughts

  • Some sunshine and warmth during the week and yesterday was most welcome!
  • On Thursday night I suggested that we put the laptops and tablets aside for a bit (apart from to play music) and play some cards! I haven’t played a card game in so long and I had so much fun. I also won, so… there’s that.Playing cards
  • After weeks of proclaiming I wanted to see Gone Girl, and almost going, and ultimately never going (£10 to sit in a dark room listening to dozens of people chewing popcorn?!), I got a last minute invite to go with a friend who was going in Kingston and had an Orange Wednesday code! I was to get back from work right on time for the showing, and Ben was working late, so it worked out perfectly. In the end, I was disappointed with the movie but I did get a huge (and delicious) falafel wrap for a fiver from Ecklee as my movie snack so I was happy!
  • I was finally reunited with my piano today! I had never realised just how conditioned my hands (and wrists, and forearms) were when I was playing regularly, but after 15 minutes of warming up with scales I had to take a break! After ten minutes I managed to get another 15 minutes of scales done to at least have the basics under my belt, but then I had to stop before I did more harm than good. Felt so good to be back at it though and I’m hoping to be able to practise a little more regularly.

And I’ve just received an invite to go to a friend’s for dinner on Tuesday night, so I’m already super excited about next week! I hope you’re looking forward too and are braced for the change in temperature if you’re in this corner of the world.

Happy Sunday all! xoxo