Sunday thoughts: 26th October 2014

It seems there is a fine line between being on top of things and being very much swamped by things, and it is not one I tread with much agility these days. At times somersaulting past it, before swiftly being dragged back until it looks further away than ever, I seem to have gone from being on top of emails and caught up with family and friends with a freshly laundered wardrobe, clean house, and fully stocked fridge to… well, none of those.

In fact, this is the first time I have turned on the computer since about fifteen minutes online early yesterday afternoon! But distance makes the heart grow fonder and what sometimes feels like a chore now feels like a real treat.

It helps that this has been a fun week where everything has fallen into place smoothly and efficiently. Food has been good, training has been just about back on track, the weather has been just about acceptable, sleep has been adequate, and life has been easy.

Food for thought

  • Yet again, have published an interesting piece on “The Shady Underbelly of ‘Evidence” Based Medicine“. It won’t take you long to read, but it is a valuable reminder that just because something is published (or just because someone has a bunch of letters after their name, or just because anything), doesn’t mean you should accept it at face value. Question authority.
  • Likewise, Doctor Skeptic shares another example of inadequate medical testing procedures: “Surgery for High Blood Pressure“.
  • I might be alone in thinking this, but I found this collection of legislation regarding street harassment (catcalling and any other unwanted attention from strangers in public) really interesting and useful: “Street Harassment: Know Your Rights” by Hollaback!.

Thought for food

  •  After having noticed it on the first day we viewed our flat in Kingston, I finally made it to a table and an order at the Healthy Cook Company just down the road. I started with a soy cappuccino which was just what I needed to start the day having woken up with an intensively unforgiving headache, and after tossing up the vegan brunch (carrot and coriander sausages, homemade soda bread, sugar-free and salt-free baked beans, hummus, and spinach pesto) and the vegan toastie (hummus, spinach pesto, sundried tomato), I went with the toastie.

    It was just right to start off the day without detracting from the conversation, though I can’t say it was bursting with flavour. For £3.95 though, it was a perfectly adequate choice!

  • Ben’s client showed up on Friday with a box of Ms Cupcake goodies which he had picked up for me whilst buying his brother some vegan birthday treats.

    I couldn’t help but break off a chunk of this on the bus home and turned out to be the perfect post-gym snack that I was looking for – peanut butter rice crispie base with a thick chocolate topping. Now, I am not normally a fan peanut butter-flavoured sweet treats, nor do I have much time for puffed cereal-based treats, and I normally find Ms Cupcake treats too sweet and cloying for my tastes… but these really hit the spot!

  • On Friday, I returned to The Gate for the first time in four years, invited by a couple who used to attend our running group. I didn’t have particularly stellar memories of the place; small portions, limited vegan options (where there were vegan options, it usually meant they had just omitted the cheese or cream which I always find a bit lazy), overpriced. So whilst I do think the vegan options are still slightly more basic than the cheese-laden options, I was very pleasantly surprised! My starter of a Raw Pad Thai salad was delicious but much more salad than Pad Thai, but my main was unforgettable; a generous mound of creamy, hearty mushrooms atop a crispy garlicky potato rosti, in perfect proportions. My Pineapple, Pear, and Chilli Crumble dessert may have been missing the chilli and was seriously imbalanced in favour of fruit, while the crumble topping was more reminiscent of a crumbled biscuit than a buttery flaky crumble. With all that said, however, it was a gorgeous evening and everyone enjoyed themselves!

Happy thoughts

  • Starting with the simple pleasures: lie-ins on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were beautiful and much needed.
  • All of Wednesday just worked; a cancellation, followed by a quick turnaround translation request which was super easy and quick and even quite fun, receiving my new sim card for my new phone, followed by finally having a bit of time to write up a post on my birthday fun, then in to work to do some training before a client, then home to a lovely dinner cooked by Ben. A perfect flow.
  • Meeting the wonderful Mel of Shrewd Health, after months of social media communication, at the Healthy Cook Company. I had such a lovely time chatting away to her and really didn’t see the time fly, and I can’t wait to see her again hopefully in the company of some more London vegans that I know from Twitter and Instagram. London vegans, making social media social!
  • We trekked all the way out to our old corner of London for a burrito party last night at Hombres. The food was great (I couldn’t choose between fillings so I had a burrito with both pulled jackfruit and the mushrooms and spinach option), and company was just as good. Worth the fairly epic journey from Kingston, even with an achey neck and sore head.
  • Luckily, the neck pain had totally vanished by this morning so we could totally enjoy our day our with Ben’s family at Chessington World of Adventures! We didn’t get to go on any of the fast and famous rides because of the kids and ridiculously long queueing times (60 minutes!) but we actually had heaps of fun.

Now, though I am exhausted and my cheeks are slightly wind-burnt, and the lovely curry that Ben has made us is begging to be eaten – have a lovely Sunday evening and a great week! xoxo