Let’s get Nakd!

I can’t be the only one to have used that (fairly incredibly cheap) pun can I?

Nakd bar range

I feel like, if I were on a stage reciting this post rather than writing it from the comfort of my virtual existence, I would be pelted with rotten tomatoes. Really? A post about Nakd bars? As if vegans had never heard of them? Come, now.

Well, it’s time to be entirely honest and truthful.

One, I was offered a box for review so I was obliged to provide said review, though I was under no obligation to write a favourable one. And you guys know I don’t pull my punches.

Two, I actually really (secretly) like Nakd bars. If I can get over the fact that I could easily make them myself – and accept that I am too lazy to do so – when I find myself a good deal on them (they are often on offer in Tesco and Waitrose, and undoubtedly the other major supermarkets too) I gobble them up at an alarming rate. They are sweet and satisfying, moist and gooey, handy and portable. I couldn’t really ask for much more, besides requesting that they begin to grow on trees.

Nakd and Nakd

One thing it might be worth pointing out is that there are different types of Nakd bars:

1. Straight up dried fruits and nuts, and occasionally some “natural flavourings”, sold as 35g bars and in bright, solid-coloured packaging. Dense, gooey, and sweet.Nakd bars unwrapped

2. Fruits, nuts, and oats, sold as 30g bars and pale packaging with highlighted flavour names. Drier and more crumbly, less sweet, and lower-calorie.

3. The newer Protein Crunch bars, sold as 30g bars, which are just dried fruits and nuts with added protein crunchies (soya, tapioca starch, and salt).

4. They now also offer Infused Raisins, which hold very little interest for me, and Nakd Bits which are surprisingly satisfying broken-up little cubes of the fruit and nut bars.

Personally, number 1 – the Nudie bars – are my favourites, thanks to their super moist texture and full-on flavours… Which is lucky as those are the ones I was sent!

All products are suitable for vegans and people following a wheat-free diet, which seems to be something the company is pushing to be associated with more strongly.

Nakd bars

My favourite Nakd

If you’re anything like me, all you’ll want to know is what my favourite flavour is!

Obviously, this varies according to my mood. The mood generally dictates whether I go for the chocolate ones or the non-chocolate ones, and then there is a hierarchy from there (yeah… I don’t play around with my snacking). Because I find that most people are either super into their chocolate or totally indifferent to it, I’ll give you two separate rankings so you can choose whether you cocoa or not.


  1. Caffé Mocha (if you count that as a cocoa bar)
  2. Cocoa Delight
  3. Cocoa Orange
  4. Cocoa Mint


  1. Berry Delight
  2. Pecan Pie
  3. Cashew Cookie (would be higher if not for the fact that I have often made cashew-date balls and resent paying for the same thing, although technically this could be a tie for second place)
  4. Ginger Bread
  5. Rhubarb and Custard (which tastes like neither rhubarb nor custard if you ask me, so I find it a bit disappointing albeit yummy)

Nakd bar range

Get Nakd with me!

Apparently “let’s get naked” is “an expression of agreement or affirmation“.

So let’s all get Nakd because I’m giving away a selection of original, fruit-and-nut Nakd bars to one lucky reader!

Natural Balance Foods, the makers of Nakd, weren’t actually able to provide me with a box for one of my readers, so I am giving away one of each flavour.

You don’t have to follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page (I don’t even have one for Great Vegan Expectations!) or tweet or share or do anything tedious. All you need to do is leave me a comment telling me what your favourite on-the-go snack is – or whatever you feel like telling me, really.

This little competition is open to all residents of the UK and Europe, and make sure you leave your email address so I can get in touch if you win! I’ll pick a winner at random next Sunday, 28th September!

Nakd bars

Nakd and cheap

If you don’t win the bars from me this time around, Natural Balance Foods run their own monthly giveaways!

If you’d rather take the crossed fingers out of the equation, they also offer short-dated stock at a heavily discounted price (why don’t more companies do this always?!).

And if you can’t choose, Natural Balance Foods have a selection of mixed boxes of their products, so you can find your favourite!

They’re also often on “buy two for a reduced price” offers in various supermarkets and independent health food stores around the UK, so if you haven’t tried them yet, treat yourself and let me know what you think!

7 thoughts on “Let’s get Nakd!

    • greatveganexpectations says:

      Yes! I tried it yesterday at VegfestUK! It is very tasty, but then I am a sucker for anything cherry or almond-related. I tried the Christmas Pud too, but I can’t even remember what it tasted like… Unfortunately you didn’t win the giveaway this time, but hopefully I will get my hands on something soon that I can send your way!

    • greatveganexpectations says:

      I think I ate too many Clif bars in too short a space of time, I can’t really stomach them anymore! A good fruit and nut mix is hard to beat though! 🙂 I’m afraid you weren’t selected for the giveaway, but I hope to run more in the near future so fingers crossed!

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