Terrible twos

I can’t believe it has already/only been two years since I started this blog!

On the one hand, I still feel so new to it all – I follow a few blogs which have only been running for two years and they are so much more polished than mine.

On the other hand, I can’t really imagine what I would do with my time if I wasn’t researching blog posts, writing blog posts, catching up on other blogs, and thinking about topics to write about and photos to take.

The more experience I have of blogging, the less I feel I know, but the more I enjoy it. So I could write a post about everything I have learnt, but we’d be here until next year!

In the last year the vast majority of views to this blog have gone to:

  1. Protein and Recovery Shakes
  2. Dark chocolate – plain
  3. And far, far behind, and not counting my About page, we have Vegan in Gran Canaria – A Summary which I am now wishing I had researched a little more thoroughly!

So I guess I should keep testing shakes and chocolate, and travelling… Well, if you insist!


The humble number two is the only even prime number, and the only number for which adding it to itself will give the same result as multiplying it by itself (in other words, 2+2 = 2×2).

My blog’s second birthday also falls on the 2nd of September. It’s the same day as Ben’s 31st birthday – and of course, 3-1 = 2.

Apparently, two is also a lucky number in Chinese culture because it is thought that good things come in pairs.

I am sure I must have achieved all manner of exciting firsts when I was two years old, but I asked my parents and they don’t remember.

Incidentally, three is one of my favourite numbers – for absolutely no discernible reason – so I for one am looking forward to next year’s anniversary post. I hope to see you all there!

And on that note, Ben and I have a birthday to go celebrate! Thank you all for bearing with me for the last two years!