Sunday thoughts: 29th June 2014

I would like to express how good this week has been through the medium of interpretive dance, as words can’t really do it justice, and it would probably be a lot more entertaining for you. Buuuut I can’t do interpretive dance (dance interpretively?) so we are all spared.

If anyone can put the following into interpretive dance, I will accept video submissions and pick a winner: work, smoothies, heavy lifting, cardio, coffee, dates, chickpea pancakes, Bombay Brasserie, new shoes, new socks, Orange is the New Black, matcha mylk, raw club sandwich, Instagram, writing.

I’m not sure what you will win yet, besides eternal respect.

New things I have learnt this week

In a spot of downtime, Ben let me have a prod at his feet – the good one and the bad one. I had never really bothered to think how hard palpation is, and I need all the practice I can get at feeling my way along a bone, a joint, a tendon, a ligament; picking out scarring and swelling and bruising and inflammation; knowing what’s normal and what’s not.

Unfortunately, that was probably the extent of my learning again this week, as I didn’t even switch on my computer on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (I know books are still a thing, but the point here is about time to sit and concentrate).

New things I have eaten this week

Oh man. Food has been so good to me this week. Though I may not have been so kind to it:

  • I had a bit of a not-so-secret crush on the Rebel Kitchen coconut-based mylk drinks, and when I finally treated myself I fell in love at first sip. The world slowed for a few moments. I went for the matcha green tea mylk and haven’t quite been able to tear myself away yet to try the chai, which I know I will also love. I think I may actually have to buy a case of the stuff as I can’t stop thinking about them.
  • Since I refused to spend £5 on a Raw Imagination sandwich, Ben bought me one. I went for the Club but the burger and BLT were close contenders… and now that I have tried the club, I won’t hesitate again to spend a fiver or more on the rest of the range. If you are less obsessed with salt than me, which you probably are, you might have an issue with it. And you may also struggle to eat the whole thing in one sitting, as I nearly did, because it’s just so rich. But I couldn’t stop eating, it was so good.
  • I’ve also been reunited with chocolate. I gazed lovingly at the packaging of Chocolate and Love single origin Panama 80% (then ate it) (the chocolate, not the packaging) – smooth, soft, like a big rich chocolatey hug with none of the spiky bitterness thing and extra lashings of the ethical thing – and got all cozy with an entire block of Willie’s Cacao Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Lime, which was equally rich and smooth but with the added appeal of juicy and slightly tingly bursts of crystallised ginger and the exotic tang of lime. Yum. 

    Saturday night. #chocolate #vegan #peace

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  • Ben and I were taken to dinner at Bombay Brasserie and… Wow. Honestly, I have never eaten Indian food that good. We had a starter of wilted baby spinach which had been battered and fried, then topped with tamarind chutney and pomegranate seeds. It was incredible – if you like kale chips, this will blow your mind. Then we feasted on a spread of mixed vegetable curry, vegetable biryani, an okra (bhindi) dish, a mashed aubergine dish, dhal tarka, and tandoori roti. Everything was impeccably spiced, and surprisingly reasonably priced. Although I was painfully full, we were served dessert of beautifully fresh and tasty fruit salad. The most amazing thing is that although we finished eating at 11pm (later than normal for my digestive system), by which point I was beginning to be in quite severe pain from overeating, by 12:30am I no longer felt uncomfortably full or bloated, and by the morning I woke up without a shred of discomfort (which I usually expect when I eat too much too late) – I can only imagine this is due to the food being so high-quality. We are already planning to go back!

Other highlights this week

  • I had some great workouts this week; a decent bout of 20 or 25 minutes on the spinning bike, pushing myself harder than I have in a while; a surprisingly brutal legs session on my own which left me aching for days; and a horrendous chest and bicep workout with two of the trainers at the studio – I have been lifting slightly heavier weights so I confidently selected what I knew I could lift for 12 reps, but I neglected to factor in that we were doing 5 sets of everything, and mainly supersets. I had blown my chest out by the third set of the first exercise, and had to hold on for dear life for the remaining hour and a half (they do loooong workouts). Not how I would train every day, but great fun nonetheless.
  • I actually made myself a smoothie on the way into work on Thursday: frozen banana and frozen strawberries, with plain protein powder and a generous lump of peanut butter (plus soy milk, dates, cinnamon, and vanilla extract). It tasted like a peanut butter and jam sandwich, and it was the perfect consistency. A great way to start an uncomfortably early morning after a terrible night’s sleep.
  • Meeting a new client and getting started with her – I do love my job.Tex-mex Indian fusion dinner
  • I woke up earlier than I needed to on Saturday, so I had time to meditate and do some housework before going to work, which was nice and left me a whole afternoon free to chill with Ben when I got home. Plus, Ben made dinner for the first time in a while, making it feel super luxurious to sit and have food made for me! As a bonus, it was so delicious I requested a repeat tonight – we had seared lime tofu, roasted sweet potato and peppers, with a tangy sweetcorn relish, wrapped up in bits of chickpea pancake. Fun, delicious, and kinda healthy!
  • I’ve had fun trying new foods and getting busy on Instagram.
  • I’ve also just finished drafting up a post for this week, it feels so good to write again!
  • And despite the distinctly average weather, we had fun watching this guy charge around like a maniac:

Angry swan charging

This swan held his (I’m assuming the behaviour is indicative of masculine sex) wings out (“like a spaceship” noted Ben), hunched his neck down, and chased all other swans away by paddling with both feet at once rather than alternating. It looked rather menacing and territorial and it turns out this is called busking.

Bully swan

It didn’t take much for the other swans to turn around and scamper off, but he charged after them for a good while before returning looking incredibly smug and puffed up:

Smug bully swan

And oh man did I get a good bargain today! I’ve needed new work shoes (i.e. trainers) for a while, but I haven’t quite found the ones I have fallen in love with – I ordered a pair of the new version of the Asics DS Trainer which I currently wear, and they are beautiful, but the changes they have made to the shoe made it far too tight and narrow and I knew instantly it would be agony within minutes. Ben randomly suggested we pop into Sweaty Betty today – which I never shop in and have never even set foot in – and he spied an Asics Kayano 20 for £70 reduced from £140! They happened to have my size, and I will never find another bargain like it, so I snatched them up – along with 3 pairs of their ridiculously comfortable socks for £15 (I don’t think I have bought new socks since I worked in the running shop…) and I then got an extra 10% off for joining their loyalty scheme!

I am so happy.

And with that, I will leave you all to your Sunday evening or Monday morning or Sunday afternoon depending on where you are in the world, and this time I can promise I will speak to you in a few days! Have a lovely week!