Sunday thoughts: 18th May 2014

What a wonderful week!

River walk This time last week, I was frantically trying to cancel my Monday morning client as I was pretty much flattened in bed. Today, Ben and I woke up late to a leisurely breakfast of fresh rye sourdough with the front door open to waft the warm air in.

We walked for a couple of hours along the river, and I got a green smoothie which I’d have loved to Instagram had my phone not suddenly decided it was going to eat up all its own battery life and spontaneously shut down… sometimes I think real life likes to remind you that social media is pretty irrelevant to your enjoyment of a particular moment. We spent a while giving the ducks and swans on the river their own voice-overs whilst we sat in the sun – it’s our new favourite pastime and I could do it for hours.


New things I’ve learnt this week

  • By virtue of the list of feature-length documentaries we have been watching, I have picked up a lot of anecdotal knowledge of backing singers, recording studios, My Little Pony, and bodybuilding past and present. This has hatched an idea in me that it might be time for another dumb experiment à la Fast February – namely, following a strict bodybuilding-style cutting diet (bulking would destroy me, I’m not ashamed to say I am not ready for that) and seeing what the results are; physical, psychological, and social. What do you guys think???
  • Ben has just taught me a basic ankle-strapping technique; “sissy tape” first to avoid painful hair-wrenching upon removal of the tape, crepe tape around the foot and ankle in a figure of eight, then finally a stirrup of rigid tape and an anchor around the Achilles tendon. Lines of tape need to be straight (which is surprisingly hard to do!) and pressure needs to be applied at the right points and released at others. And that’s just the most basic type of ankle strapping! It’s not about tying electrical tape around whatever hurts.

Honestly though, lack of internet and lack of energy followed by an intense desire to be out in the real world with real people has kept me away from doing any more in-depth studying this week.

New things I have eaten this week

I’ve been quite happy to keep it simple this week; not a huge amount of eating happened for the first couple of days, then not a huge amount of cooking as my appetite is a little all over the place – I can’t think about food until I’m hungry, then I need whatever is most readily available. There has been a lot of fruit, a lot of bread, lots of smoothies, and a little too much hummus. And it’s been great. Highlights have included:

  • A “Two-Berry” smoothie at Harris+Hoole – strawberries and blueberries blended with apple juice. Hit the spot.
  • The broccoli-celery-spinach-banana-and-apple smoothie at Local Hero. I’d love to go more often but they don’t have WiFi, and I rarely go to a coffee shop just to sit these days (isn’t that sad?!). I’ve noticed that green smoothies are hard to find – you can either get a green juice, or a fruit smoothie. So I was excited by this offering and my goodness it was good! £3.90 for a plentiful serving – I know I’ll be doing that more often!
  • Some gorgeous rye sourdough bread from Oliver’s Bakery stall at the local market. Tangy and rustic, and perfect with just about everything you could ever want on bread (including nothing).
  • Ben treated me to a selection of olives from one of those market stalls with the big wooden vats. I got some black Moroccan olives with citrus and cardamom (I think…), some Forrestière green olives with plenty of cayenne, and some sundried tomato-stuffed green olives. Yum.
  • Since we have been making so many salady-sandwichy type meals, Ben treated himself to some vegan cheese but we just couldn’t stomach the £5 price tag for Vegusto – the cheeses are good enough to make the price worth paying, but £5 for cheese is still £5 for cheese. So he tried Violife cheese slices with herbs, which I had heard good things about. He found them alright, but I didn’t like the plasticky flavour at all – still, it does stand in well for processed cheese in a sandwich, and besides, why would you ask the girl who has never liked cheese in the first place?
  • Plenty of medjool dates. Why did we ever invent sweets and cakes when medjool dates exist?

Other highlights this week

  • Honestly, working again! I miss my clients when I don’t see them, and I love seeing them progressing! I’ve pushed them hard this week, and everyone has risen to the challenge, so I couldn’t be more proud.
  • Putting up our new curtains. It’s so silly how such a little thing can make such a big difference! They now actually keep light out, hide the rough edges of the filled holes in the wall, and don’t get caught in our front door. Basically, they do their job, which is a novel experience for me with curtains in rented properties.
  • Watching documentaries, and getting to bed at reasonable times because we don’t have internet to drag us away from life.
  • Sitting by the river and watching the ducks, swans, seagulls, and pigeons do their various bird things. It’s so funny to see how differently they all act from one another!
  • Being able to wander around in town without an entire day’s worth of clothes, laptops, chargers, and food, now that we live close enough to shops and scenic areas to just wander back.

Basically, I’ve just been enjoying that thing called “life” this week. I even got so into it that I asked Ben to use his telescopic arms to take a selfie of us, as I am averaging about two photos of us together a year.

And I’ll leave you with that, as I need to get onto to get the last of our eco-friendly house bits and pieces. I hope you had a lovely weekend and are able to make the most of the weather if it’s this gorgeous wherever you are!

Ben and Claire river