Sunday thoughts: 6th April 2014

If there was a graph relating social media and online activity to real world social activity (there must already be one, surely!), then I imagine it would be a smooth bell curve; the more socially active you are in the real world, the more you tweet/facebook/instagram/blog… to a certain point. Beyond that point, it becomes irrelevant and inefficient to publicise your social exploits.

I normally live pretty much somewhere around that peak; I do just enough to keep me out of trouble, but I always have time to pause to take photos and I usually get home in time to blog about everything. This week, I have teetered beyond that edge, hence the lack of posting on here and the absence of any photos this week.

But it’s good, folks! I’ve been having a great time, and although I feel a little bit bad for neglecting the blog and not having any keepstagramsakes (I just coined a term, can we make it catch on?) to show for it, I know you understand. Plus, is it just the blogs I follow or is everyone getting a little busy these days?

New things I’ve learnt this week

You’ll understand that I haven’t really been able to sit down and study anything in-depth this week. My brain has been ticking away though, devising new exercises and training sessions with Ben, discussing the value of ice baths and topical ice application, talking about various athletes and their incredible feats, and writing posts about the biomechanics of running (very superficially, of course). But no fascinating tidbits to share this week I’m afraid!

New things I have eaten this week

  • My friend Todd brought me back a Go Max Go Thumbs Up bar from Canada! I’ve been fantasising about Go Max Go bars for years, even though the Jokerz bar nearly finished me before I finished it, but I hadn’t heard of this new arrival. I was a little worried it would be overly sweet and rich, but either I have adapted or it was a little less intense; it was unlike anything I had tried before, and I definitely couldn’t eat them often, but it was a fun experience of creamy and crunchy, sweet and hearty. I could have done with less crunch and more goo, but that’s just personal (weird) preference!
  • This week involved a lot of eating out, which we haven’t done in a while. I made pretty good choices and didn’t come away feeling gross: my favourite GBK salad with added falafel and a swap to chili-ginger dressing; a Nando’s salad with a veggie patty on the side; a mushroom and spinach burrito from Hombres with an extra pulled jackfruit soft taco on the side (medium heat on the burrito, hot on the taco, and both with guac, of course); and although I went all-out with the Pain Quotidien “Botanist” brunch platter (quinoa taboulé, hummus, green pea hummus, guacamole, a token sundried tomato and olive, a raw crunola parfait full of creamy banana and nut butter, a fresh fruit salad, and heaps of bread including a hazelnut flûte – plus a fresh squeezed orange juice and a pot of tea), I took my time over it and didn’t end up uncomfortably full… though I passed on dinner that evening!
  • Today, we were invited to a friend’s BBQ in honour of the annual Cambridge-Oxford boat race, so I made what I am calling “Mexican falafel” – baked balls made of kidney bean, chipotle, smoked paprika and fresh coriander – and Ben made Angela’s chocolate chip cookies. I can’t remember the last time I had a chocolate chip cookie, but I know it wouldn’t have been that good. They are simply cookie perfection.

Other highlights this week

  • This week, I have been able to have lunch with my wonderful friend Steph who was visiting from Miami, catch up with my friend Todd who stayed with us in between Toronto and Copenhagen, and hang out with my lovely friends Vee (formerly known as Viv) and Laura (formerly and henceforth known as Laura) on last-minute weekend breaks from Exeter and Brussels, respectively. We’ve also squeezed in a lunch with our friend Tom who works down the road from us but is no less special for it. Can somebody pay me to hang out with friends and eat? Because I would happily do that everyday for the rest of my life, not retire, and never complain.
  • I’ve had a sudden influx of exciting blogging and reviewing opportunities throwing themselves at me this week. I can’t wait to share everything with you all!
  • Although I’ve only trained twice this week, one of our sessions was so good it makes up for all the other lost days. We spent an hour doing exclusively core work, using the TRX and resistance bands and bosu balls, often in weird and wonderful combinations. Although nothing “hurt”, my entire core felt tight and strong for the next couple of days, which was so rewarding.

So I think that about sums the week up! The last couple of weeks really have gone by incredibly fast, and I’m starting to feel I could do with knuckling down on sensible bed times, meditating more regularly again, and getting some more work-related research done, not to mention eating sensibly and keeping the blogs ticking over alongside side projects. I seem to go through cycles of tightening things up and loosening the rules, so I’m going to keep going with that flow.

Also, I think I’m going to start putting the date in my Sunday thoughts titles… I realised it would have been a good idea many months ago but was too scared to mess with the formula. Well now I’ve decided to just go for it. Thoughts?

Time to catch up on Masterchef with a cup of tea for a much-needed wind-down from this week. I really am looking forward to a more productively “vanilla” week! What’s everyone else looking forward to this week?