Sunday thoughts

When I first moved to the UK, I scoffed at people who donned shorts and t-shirts on the first tentatively sunny days of the year, but each year I have given into the weather hysteria earlier and earlier as I have gradually learnt that every day of sunshine and warmth might be the last we get…  As those of you who follow me on Instagram might have noticed!

In other news, I’ve managed to get a little more training in this week, though not always overly exciting sessions, I’ve spent some time in the company of happy and inspiring people, and I’m slowly getting back on track with meditating. It’s been what you might call a pretty solid week.

New things I’ve learnt this week

I’ve not been overly studious this week due to being out and about a lot, in the kitchen even more, and also getting a last-minute midweek translation to suck up some screen hours.

However, with Ben’s help I devised the best plan of action for a client with a neural impingement taking part in a running event, so that required a fair bit of research and clever thinking about timings.

I also got to watch (on TV) as Carlos Condit tore his meniscus and “possibly” tore his ACL. I put possibly in inverted commas because frankly, having watched the replays more than I would have liked to, it was such a clear rupture that I’d be surprised if it were anything else. I watched as the knee gave way, allowing the shin to slide forward from under the kneecap before springing back into place with sickening smoothness. I’ve never watched these injuries happen, unlike Ben, but even I knew what had happened the second I saw it. I guess I watch MMA with a very different view than most fans…

New things I have eaten this week

No new ingredients for me, though I did try a couple of new treats in my Scrummy Box delivery. More interestingly though, I have been busy in the kitchen this week:

  • Needing to use up two celeriac roots sitting in the fridge, I played around and ended up with some surprisingly tasty celeriac-butter bean-mushroom-sundried tomato patties. I’ll share some sort of recipe on the blog next week!
  • On a roll with my bread-making (pun absolutely not intended), I tackled baguettes! I used Alex’s recipe from In Vegetables We Trust and was pretty successful! Mine looked nowhere near as nice as Alex’s, partly due to not having a appropriately-sized baking sheet, and partly due to being totally inept at handling dough once it’s proved, but they were crusty on the outside and delicately chewy on the inside, and just perfect ripped open and stuffed with a slab of Vegusto cheese. That was also my first time using an overnight starter for my bread, and I loved the springiness it gave the dough.
  • I then used my bread to make French toast! Would you believe I’ve actually never had French toast, that I can remember anyway? I know, baguette is not the kind of bread you want for French toast but I was so proud of my bread and eager to use it, and it actually turned out great. This was no ordinary French toast – I can’t say too much as Kristy will do a much better job of describing it in her upcoming cookbook, but I will say it involved caramel and apples, and plenty of other delicious things!
  • I am also in the process of culturing my first ever batch of cashew cheese; a nice and simple cashew cream cheese from Miyoko Schinner‘s reknown book Artisan Vegan Cheese. Culturing foods is a nerve-wracking process, but one I can imagine would become strangely addictive.
  • Other delicious things I have made this week include more cornmeal crust pizza, and more flour tortillas. Ben, meanwhile, has been treating us to some gorgeous homemade tagliatelle. I have too many dough puns trying to squeeze out of my mind right now!
  • I also tried the crunchy version of Lotus Speculoos spread! I only tried the smooth a few weeks ago, and a fellow personal trainer at the studio told me the crunchy was way better. Imagine my surprise when she pops her head in the door on Saturday morning, with a jar of the stuff just for me (and Ben…)! I decided it would be rude not to dive in that very afternoon, and I enjoyed mine on very thinly sliced apple – it was stupidly (dangerously) good!


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Other highlights this week

  • Sitting and having coffee with Ben and one of our friends, also a strength and conditioning coach and all-round awesome human being. We got to talk about all things training-related, but without feeling like we were talking about work; just three people sharing a passion.
  • I had a few days where my head was full of projects – it was fun to toy with ideas and run with them, and I’m definitely going to try and make a couple of them happen! All I’m saying for now is, they’re health and fitness related, and involve collaboration. We all need more collaboration in our lives.
  • Ben and I shared a decent circuit training session, but even better was the core training session we did a couple of days later. I find it hard to keep challenging my core as it’s one of my strong areas, so it was good to feel it really be stressed.
  • Ben has also started sitting with me while I meditate, since he read this article about pain and fascia and the need to reconnect mind and body. It’s been so nice having someone else to meditate with.
  • Getting to work a little early for a morning client, so I could sit in the park in the sunshine and have my breakfast. So peaceful!

Well I’m going to wrap this one up here, as I am more than ready for this week to wrap itself up and for next week to begin. I hope I get more time to write this week – or rather, more ability to sit and think – but honestly life is good and I’ll take whatever comes.

I hope you have all had happy sunny weeks and are looking forward to the next few days!