Opportunity knocks… and delivers

I still find it hard to think of myself as “a blogger”. I feel embarrassed taking photos in public, especially of my food, or on my phone – so many things go undocumented. I feel silly talking to friends and family about my writing, and I blush if I see Ben reading one of my posts!

And yet, every so often, I’ll respond quite brazenly to calls for advice or reviews, reminding myself that I have as much right as anyone to put myself forward.

So when the enterprising people over at Scrummy Box asked for UK-based bloggers who would be interested in trying their new box of assorted healthy vegan treats, I shamelessly nominated myself along with a few other bloggers I’ve linked up online with before.

Don’t you just love how many new vegan businesses are cropping up in the UK these days? The striking thing is that they’re becoming more and more niche, as there is a bigger pool of vegan interest to draw from, and all different kinds of people are vegan for all sorts of different reasons. So although there have been a couple of “vegan treat box delivered to your door” type schemes launched lately, each scheme is slightly different; different prices, different emphasis on types of products (some are less healthy snacks, some include cosmetics and toiletries, and prices vary from £10 to £22 plus postage and packaging).Scrummy Box

With Scrummy Box, you order within a given month to receive your box early the following month – i.e. you can place your order anytime in March, to receive the April box which will be dispatched around the 8th of April – which they explain is to ensure the contents of each box remain a surprise for everyone.

Scrummy Box

Maybe it was just the March box in particular, but all of the treats included in mine were on the healthy side – which suited me just fine!

My box was packaged with love and care – or at least it looked that way – neatly wrapped in a sheet of bottle-green tissue paper, the goodies all nestled in next to each other on a bed of cardboard shreds. I felt like I was opening a present rather than a company delivery.

Have a look at what I got:

Scrummy BoxNakd Fruit & Nut Bits – Basically Nakd bars broken up into bite-sized chunks. For some reason, this totally worked for me. I am pretty cynical about Nakd bars as it is, and even more so about this “new” product, but I kind of enjoyed having little chunks to nibble on. I might not eat my hat but I will eat more of these.

Eat Real Quinoa Chips – A healthier version of the popular wavy grain snack. Now, just because it has quinoa in it doesn’t make it healthy, people! But, if you’re going to eat a processed grain snack, it may as well be quinoa-based. I haven’t tried these yet but I know I’ll like them – hence saving them.

Alara Original Rich Muesli – I love muesli, but I never buy it because it’s almost always too expensive for what it is, and I would eat too much of it. This may only be a single-serving sample size, but that’s perfect.

Yogi Tea Sweet Mint Snack Tea – I’ve been on a real mint tea kick lately, using up some fresh mint that was in the fridge, so this came at the perfect time. Having only really had Moroccan mint tea before, or peppermint tea, I was surprised at the richness of this tea, which has the depth of assam black tea with the freshness of mint, and the warmth of ginger and schisandra. Now I know what they mean by snack tea!

Scrummy Box

Chantico Agave – I got really excited about this; I always feel guilty buying agave as it’s so expensive (though we always have a bottle in the cupboard). But this – this is cinnamon agave. I know! Ben doesn’t like it, but I think that’s because the cinnamon’s spiciness outweighs the agave’s delicate sweetness. Not a problem for me though!

Florida’s Natural Fruit Nuggets – I’ve seen (and eaten) a lot of “healthy fruit treats” before and they usually all taste like dried fruit. These do sit at the lower end of the health spectrum thanks to their highly processed fruit juice content and added sugar, but it’s so worth it. As chewy as your average artificial colour-laced gelatine-based sweet but bursting with fruit flavour, a tiny pack of these was more than enough to keep me out of trouble on a journey home. I’d consider buying these again for sure.

Braw bar – My life can never have too many fruit-oat-nut-seed bars. I haven’t tried this yet but the time will come… soon.

Lizi’s Granola – YUM! You know when people ask you what one meal you could eat for the rest of your life, or would take to a desert island, or request as your last meal on death row, or whatever? I’ve never been able to answer, but I’m starting the think it might be granola. I love Lizi’s Granola, it’s not too sweet and not too crunchy and not too chewy. I enjoyed mine poured into the remainder of a pot of plain yoghurt this morning, in the morning sunshine before taking a client!

Fruitbroo – I’ve had the Lemon & Ginger flavour before, but I have yet to taste this Rhubarb, Apple & Cinnamon flavour. If it’s anything like the Lemon & Ginger, it’ll be very mild, but that might work with this flavour. Either way, it’s nothing that adding a little more can’t solve, or you can go totally outside the box and use it as a dessert topping or baking ingredient. Let me know if you do!

And a little bar of Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate with Orange and Geranium – One of the few Montezuma’s flavours I haven’t tried yet. And I can’t wait!

I think that for £10, you really do get a lot of stuff. Sure, it’s mainly single-serving and sample sizes, but I would never (or very rarely) buy most of that stuff for myself, and yet it’s all products that I really like. That is the point of a product like this; to offer you an array of treats and snacks you might not normally buy yourself, not to be a substitute for a supermarket delivery of bulk staples. 

Although there are vaguely similar snack-box-delivery schemes available now, I think Scrummy Box is sufficiently different to attract a different clientele, or even to complement other services – why shouldn’t you get two or more surprise treat boxes a month? As for me, if the March box is anything to go by, Scrummy Box looks like the box I would treat myself to most frequently.

Go have a look at their website, where you can buy your April box or follow their links to their social media pages. Although I was sent a box for free, I was under no obligation to provide a review, much less a positive one. I just happened to really like what I got! Thank you, Scrummy Box team!

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    • greatveganexpectations says:

      Hey Julie, thanks for stopping by 🙂 I think it was less than a year ago that I was reading American bloggers’ reviews of the Vegan Cuts boxes and daydreaming about them… Now we have at least 3 that I can name off the top of my head! Do you use any of the ones you have in the US?

  1. londonveganbird says:

    Some really good products in here, might be tempted to give it a try. You’ve definitely persuaded me to buy the Lizzie’s granola, I’ve been eyeing that up of late. Great review. 🙂

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