Fast February: The Final Furlong

Here it is, finally, the last “fast” day of my February 5:2 diet experiment. Make sure you catch up on previous posts if you haven’t already. I’m sorry I haven’t been more adventurous in my experiment; I had planned to try a juice-only fast day, to try a junk-food-only fast day, to try a raw fast day… But when I got to each fast day, when I got to the point where I was cold and hungry and tired, I really couldn’t have faced a glass of juice or a piece of chocolate. But I suppose that’s quite significant in itself.

Over the next week or so I will obviously be offering a full recap and my more informed opinion of the diet, but for now let’s talk about the little things that most people won’t tell you.

Tuesday 25th February – Day 23

Weight: 51.5kg (-0.7kg / -1.8kg total)

One thing that I definitely notice on the day after a fast day, apart from getting very full very quickly, is that although my stomach is full and I’m not craving any additional tastes or textures, my body still feels unsatisfied. There is definitely a difference between physical fullness, psychological/emotional satisfaction, and overall satiety. They all feed into each other (pun not intended, but welcomed) but are distinct.

So I ended up doing a fair bit of snacking, but overall pretty healthy snacking. Spent a couple of hours in the kitchen doing some recipe testing and dined on a delicious homemade, but huge, pizza. I didn’t actually stuff myself but it was nice not feeling too guilty about eating so much white flour and cornmeal late in the evening.

Wednesday 26th February – Day 24 (Fast day 8)

Weight: 52.3kg (+0.8kg / -1.0kg total)

11:00 – Been feeling exhausted the last few days, and had nothing booked in for today, so had a good lie-in. Woke up feeling healthy and content, everything feels like it is ticking along nicely. A little disheartened that I can’t get out of bed looking forward to a nice breakfast though!

12:30 – Was starting to feel hungry, but managed to put that at bay with a couple of cups of green tea with fresh mint. Researching whether I can break my fast at midnight tonight… Looks like the consensus is that yes, you can just fast for 24 hours (e.g. I finished my meal at 10pm last night, so I could eat my 500kcal throughout the day then eat a normal meal at 10pm), but that weight loss will be slower and that the intended method is to “sleep-fast-sleep” thereby consuming the fast-day 500kcal over 36 hours or so. I love the idea of a celebratory meal/cake/bowl of ice cream at midnight but I wouldn’t do that anyway, so I’m not going to do it now. I might entertain the thought to keep me sane today though.

13:00 – Definitely hungry now. Time for another pot of tea…

15:30 – Absorbed in work, saturated with tea, hunger was kept in check for a surprisingly long time (also, have I really been sitting here for the last two hours without looking up from the screen?). However, now that I have slipped out of my trance I see that I am both very hungry and also quite fuzzy-headed. Going to try and push back eating for another couple of hours at least though.

16:30 – An electrolyte, a couple of Skype conversations with family, I’m still ticking along…

17:00 – Stood up and realised I was really quite dizzy. I know there is no benefit to just vegetating whilst delaying any food intake much longer, so making some food. Once again, I can’t face veering away from old favourites, so I apologise for being a bit repetitive!
Fast February day 24

  • 0.5tsp olive oil (20kcal)
  • 147g sweet potato (131kcal)
  • 51g white cup mushrooms (17kcal)
  • 106g tofu (81kcal)
  • 40g frozen peas (26kcal)
  • And of course my beloved tahini dressing: 1tbsp/13g tahini (87kcal) + 0.5tsp apple cider vinegar (1kcal) + 0.5tsp tamari (4kcal) + water
  • Total: 367kcal

Shown without dressing, again, we we can appreciate the colour before I douse it in beige sludge. As you can see, I like my food piping hot!

Fast February day 24

Delicious, but I could have done with about twice that amount…

19:00 – I finished off with an unsweetened cocoa; 1tsp cocoa powder (12kcal) mixed with water and topped up with 2tbsp unsweetened soy milk (9kcal) for a total of 21kcal. Now 7pm and I have consumed a grand total of 388kcal, leaving me 112 to play with this evening. Got another pot of green tea with fresh mint keeping warm over a tea light, I feel like I can keep going for another couple of hours now.

20:30 – After more tea than I care to disclose, I’m not hungry or cold but I am starting to get sleepy. Debating whether or not to make a packed lunch for tomorrow. Basically I just need to do something that doesn’t involve a computer or a screen, so the kitchen is pretty much the only place to do that around here, and knowing I’ll be out all day tomorrow really does lend credibility to this. Just read Kathy’s latest post on Healthy. Happy. Life. and all I want now is a mocha oat parfait. Now also considering preparing a nice breakfast for tomorrow…

21:30 – Last snack of Fast February!

  • 100g plain soy yoghurt (50kcal)
  • 5g pumpkin seeds (22kcal)
  • 5g blackstrap molasses (13kcal)
  • and a sprinkling of cinnamon which I’m not counting
  • Total: 85kcal
  • Daily total: 473kcal

Fast February day 24Washed down with 21kcal worth of cocoa (1tsp cocoa, water, 2tbsp soy milk) and that takes my final day of Fast February to a grand total of 494kcal!

I am so looking forward to no longer planning my week around when I am not eating. Stay tuned over the next week or so when I will write up and post my recap. Spoiler alert: Fast February really sucked.

Now, tell me – what you would break your fast with and inspire me!