Fast February: Day 22

There is definitely a pattern here; the day after fasting, I am almost constantly hungry but unfazed, and end up grazing throughout the day. The next day, everything is back to normal for most of the day, but then I get caught up in the snowball effect of appetite and end up overeating, and while I am aware of what’s happening I decide not to stop it because I know the next day is a fast day. Am I the only one who thinks this is both physically and psychologically really unhealthy?!

After eating far too much on Saturday night, I continued to be overly full all through Sunday, and almost looking forward to a fast day. I guess that’s good, but it’s also really not good.

Anyway, only two days left to go!!!

Monday 24th February – Day 22 (Fast day 7)

Weight: 52.2kg (-0.5kg / -1.1kg total)

Body fat: 13.7% (-2.0%)

10:30 – A good lie-in and a lazy start. Not really physically hungry but definitely in the mood to eat.

11:30 – Having trouble waking up, so had a big glass of water with half an electrolyte tablet. Made a pot of green tea. Took body fat reads, levels have continued dropping though some areas are higher than before – subscap, abdominal, and supraspine – all areas that really need me to start doing some hard cardio work (and to stop spending entire weekends at home eating fruit and pizza) to show significant drops. Notice how they are all around my torso? That’s my body clinging on to its padding around vital organs. Smart, huh?

13:00 – I’m definitely not hungry but it would be nice to just grab a banana and forget about food for a little bit while I get on with some work…

13:10 – Seriously, all I can think about is banana. Should such an innocent snack really be given this much thought in one day? Going to do my cognitive training games on Lumosity. That could be interesting!

15:00 – Managed to successfully bury myself in work and another two cups of green tea to ward off the hunger until now. My stomach is rumbling now though, and I need to leave the house in an hour to meet a friend. To eat now, or to save it for this evening? I doubt I’d be much fun to chat to if I don’t eat something before going out, but then I know how much trouble I have sleeping on fast days…

15:45 – Time to make a quick lunch before heading out the door. Since it’s early I need something that I know will keep me going, so sweet potato is totally getting in there. Found a bit of broccoli that needed eating, and of course tofu for some slow-digesting protein… And, obviously, my favourite dressing ever at the moment!

That's actually quite a lot of food!

That’s actually quite a lot of food!

  • 0.5tsp olive oil (20kcal)
  • 167g sweet potato (143kcal)
  • 77g broccoli (26kcal)
  • 99g tofu (75kcal)
  • 1tbsp/13g tahini (87kcal) + 0.5tsp apple cider vinegar (1kcal) + 0.5tsp tamari (4kcal) + water
  • Total: 356kcal
Steaming hot!

Steaming hot!

I’m only sharing the nude photos of my lunch as the dressing really isn’t that photogenic.

This was really a lot of food, I got quite full about two thirds of the way through. Unfortunately I had to rush through my lunch a little bit as we had to dash out the door following a change of plans. A sensible person would have left the remainder for the return home, but I don’t know many sensible people, do you?

Possibly as a result of having rushed my meal, I really wanted some more food during the journey. Not due to hunger, but due to mouthfeel cravings. I needed to chew, to savour, to feel tastes and textures on my palate. I feel this definitely could have been avoided had I taken a little more time and attention over my lunch, so I resisted the urge to eat the Frank bar that was in my bag. I had a piece of chewing gum which I think made things worse, accentuating the fact that I wasn’t actually eating anything, much less savouring anything.

20:30 – Totally forgot about food and hunger over three hours of catching up with a friend over coffee and green tea. It was awesome. But once on the train back I realised how tired I was, and decided to treat myself to a well-earned (in my opinion) pick-me-up in the form of a blueberry Frank bar – 117kcal, daily total 473kcal.

22:20 – Finally home. Very tired, luckily I’ve gotten to that stage where I don’t even really want food anymore. Rich, warm, and creamy cocoa will do me just fine, even if I can’t afford sweetener:

  • 1tsp (5g) unsweetened cocoa powder (12kcal)
  • 2tsp unsweetened soy milk  (3kcal)
  • Total: 15kcal
  • Daily total: 488kcal

I’m going to sign off here folks, as I’m afraid I may not be making much sense anymore! Today has once again totally different to any of the other fast days; I feel like my mind has been on food a lot more, craving tastes and sensations, whereas most days I have been physically hungry with a growling pit of a belly demanding sustenance but no overt sensory craving for certain foods. I have found today harder to deal with – I’d have struggled had I not been out with a friend for most of the afternoon – but as I haven’t been hungry (I feel like my body is still struggling to process the weekend’s excesses) it’s been easier to tell myself to get on with it.

Just one day left! This week is a little different as I am moving my final fast day to Wednesday, so I only have one non-fast day separating the two. I wonder if and how that’ll affect the last fast day… Guess we’ll soon find out!