Sunday thoughts

I’m afraid I’m not going to have much excitement to share with you all this week! But it has been a good week. I have spent the last couple of days pottering around the house, catching up on admin and having a bit of a premature spring clean, and although we toyed with the idea of going out for dinner tonight, it doesn’t look like either of us are particularly keen on braving the outside world, so I figured I might as well give you a head start on catching up on this week’s Sunday thoughts, so you can get on with your own evening.

New things I’ve learnt this week

I’ve been really slack on the thinking front this week. I’ve not been meditating either. Maybe that explains why all week I’ve been feeling like I’ve been forgetting something – my brain has just been in sleep mode!

All our housemates were jetting off for a few weeks on Friday, so we spent a bit more time with them sitting around, but mainly I think I needed to switch my brain off for a little bit and let it recharge after last weekend, so I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, working on tweaking my blog and website, and if I’m honest I’ve gotten really addicted to a silly game on Ben’s tablet. It’s felt good to just sit back and be childish.

Weird Google searches of the week for us have included “how do they make golden syrup”, “is Tom Jones married” and “where are the 2020 Olympics being held”… Don’t ask.

New things I have eaten this week

Nothing new this week I’m afraid; we’ve been enjoying getting back to normal, turning to our old comfort meals (veggie sausages with grilled vegetables, chili, sweet potato and tofu curry, takeaway pizza for a Saturday night treat), mainly because we haven’t actually eaten them in a while but also because between a short bout of house-sitting and fast days, they’ve just been easier to throw together. I’ve actually really enjoyed it though!

I did see, when browsing the Village Pizza menu and debating whether I go for some variation of what I always get (aubergine-artichoke-sundried tomato plus something else), that they have a sweet pizza! Banana and maple syrup is all it says on the menu – has anyone had it? Does anyone know if it’s vegan?

Other highlights this week

Despite having no new knowledge and no new eats, it’s been a really good week with plenty of highlights:

  • Catching a Google hangout with a few of my friends on Monday evening. I had been fasting, I had had a pretty intense weekend, and it was just what I needed.
  • Spending a night house-sitting at Ben’s brother’s house. It’s such a peaceful house, and it comes with an adorable cat, it’s so hard not to be relaxed and content there.
  • Meeting up with a friend from work, having a coffee and catching up before visiting the Natural History Museum. Can you believe I had never been? We had forgotten it was half-term so the place was swarming but somehow not unbearable in the slightest (and I’m not good with crowds). We just wandered through a bunch of sections, taking in the wealth of natural wonders – I think the precious stones bit was my favourite, but then we didn’t get to see the dinosaurs as that section was really heaving. Stuffed animals creep me out at the best of times, but the birds section was particularly grisly – I’m not too sure why they needed to display decapitated heads of birds, disembodied wings, beaks, feathers, etc. Despite that, it was such a lovely afternoon.
  • Despite only training three times this week (stupid fast days!) I had some really good sessions. No cardio, but kept a high work rate on the weights sets which gave me the burn I needed, and all of me has been feeling really strong.
  • After the housemates took off on Friday, I gave the house a good clean on Saturday. I do like getting my teeth into a good bit of cleaning; especially as I knew it was going to be a lazy Saturday so I needed something to wear me out. And of course, enjoying a nice clean house is cool.
  • To top off my homebody Saturday, we ordered pizza and watched The Voice and the Jonathan Ross Show, and then stayed up to watch the UFC prelims. It was the ultimate Saturday in on the couch, which I think we both needed.

I guess the theme of this week has been creature comforts! Part of me feels a little guilty, part of me tries to remember that I did write a post about how “comfortable” is not a dirty word. I think when sitting down and switching off feels right, that’s what you should do. Plus, now I’m ready for a busy week ahead!

I hope you are all well and ready to see off February and welcome March. What have the highlights of your week been?