Fast February: Day 15

After a surprisingly easy Day 4, I enjoyed three days of not thinking about food; much needed over a weekend caring for my granddad as, frankly, most meals consisted of high-energy snacks foraged from kitchen cupboards (and, thankfully, leftover quinoa tabouleh, so I did get some vitamins and minerals in there). So that’s why you don’t have more of an update for my non-fasting weekend. Overall, my appetite was fairly unchanged, though I had less time to snack so tended to be very hungry before eating and then grabbed the first available options. Still relatively healthy though, overall – luckily, there wasn’t much junk food in the house!

I sort of looked forward to today, as I found that last fast day was actually made easier by travelling; and travelling was made easier by fasting (less worrying about what snacks to take, more room in the bags for more useful items). It has been alright; my mind’s been on things other than food. I have to say though, I am exhausted but it’s impossible to tell if that’s from an early start, an emotionally tiring morning, travelling, or fasting. What I will say is that the need to take my mind off hunger seems to make me more productive, more often than not!

Anyway, let’s get on with the recap – catch up on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, or Day 4 if you haven’t already!

Friday 14th February – Day 12

No weigh-in as I am in France with no weighing scales!

After an early night and a surprisingly good night’s sleep (thanks to codeine, courtesy of a wisdom tooth having a wiggle around in my gum), I woke up feeling “empty” but not hungry, and after two cups of milky tea it was midday before I was in the mood to eat anything. Went for tahini and spinach sandwiches to use up my last two slices of bread, a banana because bananas are wonderful, and a mug of cocoa with agave. A happy start to the day!

Saturday 15th February – Day 13

No weigh-in

Sunday 16th February – Day 14

No weigh-in

Monday 17th February – Day 15 (Fast day 5)

No weigh-in as I started the day in France still without scales; haven’t done body fat reads yet

Woke up quite hungry as I’d been to bed slightly earlier, slept well, but had to set my alarm. Waking up to an alarm seems to make me hungry. However, I had my hands full looking after my granddad so I didn’t get to think about it much; in fact I barely had time to drink much tea. Just one cup of tea and plenty of water had to get me through the morning, and I was very hungry by midday.

By 2:30pm French time I decided it was time to have something to eat, the earliest I’ve eaten of all my fast days, partly because I’d been up earlier and hungry for a long time, partly because the busiest and most hectic part of my day was behind me, and largely because I just really wanted a Frank bar. I had the blueberry Frank bar that was in my bag, costing me 117kcal, but making me very happy!

I spent the rest of the train journey playing a game on Ben’s tablet so didn’t think much about food, but I did drink a litre of electrolyte.

By the time we got home at 5pm UK time, I was starving and desperately wanted a hot chocolate:

  • 1tsp (5g) unsweetened cocoa powder (16kcal)
  • 1tsp (5g) agave (15kcal)
  • 2tbsp unsweetened soy milk (9kcal)
  • Total: 40kcal
  • Daily total: 157kcal

Just a couple hours later, I was ravenous again, but had too many things to think about getting done to worry about making food. Besides, the kitchen was overrun with housemates and the last thing I wanted to do was start weighing things, running back and forth to the computer to check calorie counts, etc. I knew they’d be out soon, and I decided to live in the “now” for a little bit, so I had another Frank bar – the Orange & Chocolate flavour this time, which added another 119kcal to my daily total, thus putting me at 276kcal for the day so far. 224kcal for dinner, I think I can manage that…

After a day of hunger, at 9pm I finally stir to make dinner:

  • 1/4 cup chickpea flour (besan) (89kcal)
  • 1/4tsp baking powder, pinch turmeric, pinch salt (1kcal)
  • 1/2tsp Carotino oil (20kcal)
  • 95g white cup mushrooms (12kcal)
  • 100g kale (33kcal)
  • 100g chopped tomatoes (21kcal)
  • Total: 156kcal
  • Daily total: 432kcalFast February day 15

I accidentally forgot to add the tomatoes to my calculations, so I went ahead with a topping before I realised I was over my limit:

  • 13g tahini (87kcal)
  • 1tsp apple cider vinegar (2kcal)
  • thinned out with water
  • Total: 89kcal
  • Daily total: 521kcalFast February Day 15

Will you guys forgive me for going over by 21kcal, or almost an extra 5% of my allowance? I considered lying, but I’m here to be honest and there’s no use crying over overeaten calories. Anyway, at the end of the month one of my main points will be to do with the arbitrary allowances.

This was a great meal. I totally could have omitted the tomatoes and it would have been perfectly satisfying without the guilt. I never would have thought I could make something balanced and hearty – not to mention voluminous! – for under 250kcal.

So that’s my fifth day of fasting over; I’m going to finish up with a cup of tea, and get my body fat reads done, and get to bed. I’m hoping that my tiredness and the fact that I had quite a stodgy dinner later than any of my other fasting meals will mean that I get to sleep swiftly. Next update: Thursday!