Sunday thoughts

I didn’t think I’d be writing this, but it’s been a fairly good week. There have been some definite lows (fasting on Monday was tough for no real reason, there was an incident with a cab company on Tuesday that included a 45-minute wait in the cold evening, and I am spending the weekend in France caring for my granddad which has been more full-on than I could have imagined), but also some highs, like making and eating some really tasty food for some recipe testing I’m doing, a couple of good training sessions both of my own and by my amazing clients, knowing that I’m here for my granddad, and having Ben arrive in France to support me after two very intense days on my own.

So you’ll excuse me if I don’t have much exciting to say tonight – or, indeed, if my ramblings are slightly disordered and unintelligible!

New things I’ve learnt this week

  • Over a 75-minute long Skype conversation and tutorial, I learnt a lot about website analytics and things I could do to make both this blog and my professional site more user-friendly. I still need to do a lot of reading of my own, but it gave me lots to think about.
  • I’m putting together a presentation on plant-based nutrition aimed at fitness professionals, so I a) had to try out and learn to use a number of new online presentation platforms to see which worked best for me and b) looked up some interesting stats on the prevalence of plant-based diets in different populations. I’ll say no more now but I’ll definitely share the finished presentation with you all, hopefully someone else out there will find it useful!

New things I have eaten this week

  • I made my first tofu cheese last Sunday! I can’t give you any more details at the moment, but I strongly suggest you subscribe to Kristy’s blog, Keepin’ It Kind… all I’m saying for now!Recipe testing
  • Feeling just the right mix of indulgent and experimental, I dove head first into Erin’s recipe for ginger-turmeric milk on Olives for Dinner. I had to make more amendments than I was planning to; I used soy milk, creamed coconut as I had no coconut cream, and as we had no agave I used a spoonful of coconut sugar instead, because coconut sugar is just made for warming milky drinks (and fruit crumbles…). I loved the combination of flavours, just subtly spiced and boosting the creamy quality of the drink. I bet it would be amazing with the cashew milk and coconut cream the recipe calls for – and a few sips in I decided to add a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses which was just perfect (think creamy gingerbread milk). Plus, turmeric and ginger and cinnamon are so good for you – I’ll definitely be making this again!
  • Ben and I finally found the right time to crack open one of the two packs of Granose Meat-Free Burger Mix that we’ve had sitting in the cupboard for the last six months or so. I wasn’t expecting much; they looked a bit sad sitting in their little sachets in their tiny cardboard box. Maybe the low expectations are what made them so good, but they were delicious. Perfect texture, juicy, oddly meaty especially thanks to the slightly blackened pan-fried exterior. They were great on their own, and will be even better in a bun with some condiments and a pickle!
  • Continuing the cupboard clear-out, my Tuesday evening snack attack led me to devour the Leda banana bar I had brought back from Australia. I had been saving it for a Vegan Food Swap parcel, but I decided that as I didn’t know when I would next take part, and I didn’t know who I would get and what their preferences would be, and I had no idea if this bar was actually any good, so I ate it. It was quite strange; very dense and almost fluffy as you might expect from something made with chickpea and rice flours, but in the end quite satisfying and not cloyingly sweet. I liked the chunks of dried fruit, and I liked that a big heavy lump of cake came in at only about 250kcal and didn’t make me feel caked out, but it’s not really something I would recommend to most people with normal tastebuds. And if you’re wondering, yes, it totally hit the spot (and I don’t even feel too guilty, thanks to the ingredients list!).

Other highlights this week

As I said, not really much of an exciting week and no notable highlights, especially as I’ve been in rural France for half of it. I guess the biggest thing for me this week is that my granddad and I had some really good moments together, and I’ve been so touched by the support my friends (and Ben, of course!) have offered me. I can only hope that everyone in the world has friends as wonderful as mine.

On that note, I will try and keep the words flowing on the blog – for myself, if for nobody else – but if I’m a little less talkative than usual, it’s because I’m spending my time with my granddad.

Enjoy the last of Sunday, and have a wonderful week!

2 thoughts on “Sunday thoughts

  1. Rebecca Carter says:

    Dear Claire, Ah – spending time with Grandad. Such a wonderful thing to do (I wish I still had my Grandad around to be able to take care of him)! My bestest wishes to Grandpere! And I suspect he is SO happy to have his grandchild with him. Glad I signed up to your blog. Enjoying it very much. Plus, it’s not *quite *in the same league, but I bought a juicer (the cheats way to at least get some goodness in), and I’ve enjoyed some absolutely delicious delicious carrot/ ginger/ spinach/ apple drinks already. Right, best do chores. See you on Friday morn! Becky

    • greatveganexpectations says:

      Thanks Becky! A juicer sounds exciting, we’ll have to concoct you some exciting healthy juices together! I think my granddad was glad I was there, it was a tough weekend but it was so worth it for everyone involved. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday! x

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