Fast February: Day 4

If you missed out on Monday’s post, check it out first for a bit of background information about my Fast February challenge – and you can follow my personal training Twitter for sporadic updates on how I’m feeling and what I’m eating (or thinking about eating).

But as promised, let’s get right into my daily recap:

Tuesday 4th February – Day 2

Weight: 52.4kg (-0.8kg)

I am normally a night-time snacker, so I was quite surprised that after a day of fasting, I wasn’t any more inclined to have a snack than usual. Less, actually, if anything. Hungry and daydreaming about sandwiches, but not as rabidly desperate for sweet treats as I normally am past 10pm.

I couldn’t wait to wake up for breakfast but when I did I found I really wasn’t all that hungry, and couldn’t face anything heavy like my usual porridge.

Overall, I didn’t overeat as I had feared I would, and was much more composed in the face of hunger. I was only able to eat smaller portions, and the thorough enjoyment of my food was still there as it had been the day before. So far, so good.

Wednesday 5th February – Day 3

Weight: 52.4kg (no change / -0.8kg total)

All day today I was dreading my next fast day, and I was expecting myself to obsess about food and go on some big binge but that actually didn’t happen. In fact, after dinner I did allow myself a snack I normally wouldn’t have at 11pm (a piece of homemade flapjack, if you must know) in the knowledge that I wouldn’t be eating much the next day, but I ate only until I was full, ate very consciously, and actually ended up going to bed a little hungry.

Thursday 6th February – Day 4 (Fast day 2)

Weight: 52.7kg (+0.3kg / -0.5kg total)

11:00 – Prised myself out of bed and rushed out to meet a friend; no time to think about hunger, no need to worry about missed breakfasts. That’s one bonus for this fasting thing!

16:00 – Spent a few hours chatting over tea (Earl Grey, then Iron Lady of Mercy oolong), and now that I am home I am really not that inspired by food. Hungry, of course, but not really craving anything in particular. I am cold though, and I wanted something rich, so I treated myself to a steaming mug of cocoa:Fast February meal 3

  • 1tsp (5g) unsweetened cocoa powder (12kcal)
  • 1tsp (4g) coconut sugar (15kcal)
  • 3tbsp unsweetened soy milk  (14kcal)
  • Total: 41kcal

With a bit of protein, a bit of fat, a bit of low-GI carbohydrate, I feel like this was a pretty smart way to use up less than 10% of my calorie allowance for the day. It was almost too tasty; I could easily have halved the coconut sugar, or omitted the soy milk altogether, and spared some precious calories. I re-microwaved it after mixing so I could have it as hot as possible, and sip on it slowly.

Going to watch the figure skating elimination rounds of the Winter Olympics, zone out and enjoy the beauty and think about how best an athlete could train for elite figure skating!

17:00 – Orange & Cinnamon Rooibos tea…

17:15 – Just had this come through to my inbox from Chocolate Covered Katie. Less than 200kcal and makes a single-serving so no chance of over-eating. Is this a sign? Should I be making this tonight? Can I live with myself if all I eat today is cake? Should I do it for the sake of this experiment?

18:00 – Another rooibos, I’m impressed that last one tided me over for so long. I do feel physically quite tired though whenever I get up to move around, but that could be because of the cold which tends to shut me down at the best of times. Toying with various snack and meal ideas… 450 calories on a meal, or just bits and pieces? I’m starting to feel like just eating that banana, but will that open the floodgates to a snack attack?

18:40 – Watching the figure skating, and especially the breathtaking performance of Meagan Duhamel, vegan Olympian, and her partner Eric Radford, makes me wish I was training and eating rather than moving sluggishly because I have no energy to train. This doesn’t strike me as a healthy lifestyle to adopt…

20:00 – Mucked around making Ben some dinner and measuring bits and pieces for mine, dragging the process out as long as possible. Cooking, ironically, really reduces my appetite! Dinner was limited by what was in the cupboards and the fridge (and by calorie allowance, obviously):

  • 20g quinoa (74kcal)
  • 100g tofu (76kcal)
  • 60g frozen garden peas (39kcal)
  • 40g green pepper (8kcal)
  • 75g tinned tomato (17kcal)
  • 0.5tsp Carotino oil (20kcal)
  • 5g nutritional yeast (19kcal)
  • Total: 253kcal
  • Daily total: 294kcal


I downed 250ml of water with half an electrolyte tablet, then savoured my dinner – surprisingly filling and tasty! I never would have thought you could fit that much into 250kcal.Fest February meal 4

21:00 – To be honest, I could easily hang out for a couple of hours now, go to bed, and not hit my 500kcal for the day. But for the sake of experiment (oh the things I do…) I thought I’d play around with my last 206kcal:
Fast February meal 5

  • 10g chia seeds (49kcal)
  • 2tbsp unsweetened soy milk (9kcal) + 2tbsp water
  • 1 small banana (92g – 82kcal)
  • 5g pumpkin seeds (27kcal)
  • … and a sprinkle of cinnamon but honestly, I’m not going to count that. I know spices contain calories and cinnamon more than the rest, but my scales wouldn’t even register the amount I put on there!
  • Total: 167kcal
  • Daily total: 461kcal

Fast February meal 5

This was really tasty, super sweet from the very ripe puréed banana, textured from the chia, with just the right amount of meaty crunch from the pumpkin seeds. Such a fun treat!

21:30 – I’m not one to throw 40kcal out of the window, so I had another hot mug of cocoa. I couldn’t handle any more sugar though (I know… what?!) so I just had a teaspoonful of cocoa powder mixed with hot water, and topped up with 3 tablespoons of soy milk, for a total of 26kcal, or a daily total of 487kcal.

Seeing how satisfied I was from my dinner, I really should have snacked earlier on to keep myself more productive. I am always fearful that having a little snack will only make me want more food, but when fasting that’s not the case; a little bit goes a long way. Honestly, I’ve felt pretty great today, totally normal in fact – though to be fair I slept in late, sat around with a friend, and didn’t even have to walk anywhere. Not stuffing myself the night before must have helped a whole lot too…

I haven’t had time to work out all the macro- and micronutrients in today’s eats, but to be honest, I’m just reeling from how much volume, variety, and pleasure I could get from less than 500kcal. That said, I am so looking forward to some more carefree eating for the next three days!