Sunday thoughts

Ooh how is it already 10pm? Better get on with these, though to be honest the rest of the week feels like a very long time ago!

New things I’ve learnt this week

This week has been a bit of a blur of getting back into the routine, I really got my writing mojo back which didn’t leave much room for thinking and learning alongside online Christmas shopping.

So in line with the new tradition (oh hi, oxymoron!) of offering you my favourite TED talks, here are the latest favourites since my last Sunday thoughts:

New things I have eaten this week

  • Oh man. You know how sometimes you think about doing something but wait months to do it, then you get really annoyed with yourself for not doing it sooner? That’s what happened with this Jumbo Chickpea Pancake by Angela at Oh She Glows. I love chickpeas, I love pancakes, and I love anything big, so this was bound to be right up my street! I whipped one up for Ben on Tuesday night as he fancied a wrap of some sort, but we didn’t have any. It was an instant hit – he made them again for us on Wednesday night, and then on Thursday I had one for breakfast with leftover curry (at 2pm though, so does that make it lunch?). Chickpea pancakeI then made them again on Thursday night to go with another curry I made… Then on Friday… And again tonight. Yeah, I know. Somewhere between a Breton buckwheat galette and an Ethiopian injera, with a bit of American pancake influence, this is soft, moist, and filling yet light. I am in love/obsessed.
  • Tyrrell’s Smashingly Cinnamony Apple Crisps – wow. Put aside any misgivings you may have about the ridiculous name and the added sugar and get yourself a bag of these, if I haven’t bought them out by then.
  • I finally cracked into the bag of Cofresh Tomato & Basil Lentil Chips that Ben had gotten in a Vegan Food Swap parcel a few months ago (I actually thought it was mine, I’ve only just realised that it was his… Oops! Luckily I shared it with him!). They are better than I was expecting! Not greasy at all, not overly salty, just the right balance of flavour and a little bit of a melt-in-your-mouth tingle à la prawn cracker, a respectable TV snack (I just can’t watch Masterchef without snacks).

Other highlights this week

  • Ordering and receiving Christmas gifts for various loved ones! I just wish I could buy more for everyone I care about…
  • Playing around in the gym with Ben, inventing new exercises. I suggested we combine TRX pikes and pull-ins, and the result was fantastic! I also started playing around with some hip mobility and strengthening for BJJ players, hopefully I can get some good photos done and put a post together on that.
  • It might sound weird, but I really had fun writing this week, tearing into Buzz Rothfield for his poor journalism and putting together my post on ethical gifts.
  • This will also sound strange, but I finally went to the GP for the first time in 3 years, having registered with a new practice since moving. I hadn’t been in so long as my last one was so useless and unhelpful that I just gave up, but my new one really filled me with confidence. I was then able to get my foot x-rayed within about half an hour of arriving at the hospital, continuing my string of luck with NHS services. Give praise where praise is due.
  • But by far the highlight of the week has been today. From a slow, leisurely and natural wake up at a more reasonable time than I expected, to the neighbours playing AC/DC at full blast – which in itself is not great but could have been so, so much worse – to waking up to a text complimenting my blog (thanks Ann-Marie! ;)), to meeting up with two of my university friends, one of whom I haven’t seen in three and a half years and having a great lunch followed by gelato at Snowflake (vegan-friendly sorbets clearly listed – I had mango and pear and they were awesome). Then, a modest rampage around the  home to wrap up my UK Vegan Food Swap goodies to send off tomorrow, eat too much chocolate, then a great dinner of curry with a chickpea pancake (obviously…).

I think I will leave it on that note, go back to some online gift-shopping whilst watching BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Happenings this coming week include dinner at Bonnington Café tomorrow with ex-colleagues-now-friends, a “staff” party for personal trainers who use the training studio Ben and I work at, plenty of translating, blood tests if I ever actually book an appointment, hopefully some good training, and hopefully some last catch-ups with various friends before the whole Christmas thing starts. And plenty of chickpea pancakes and chocolate, I would assume.

I hope you have all had a great weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead!