Sunday thoughts

So, it’s been a week back in the swing of things. Or, more appropriately in London, more like the rusty jerking back-and-forth motion of things.

This week feels like it’s lasted forever, but in a good way. I have gotten so much done, but I haven’t felt stressed or anxious about any of it! Over 6000 words of translation, a few hours’ worth of clients, four workouts (admittedly that’s not much for me, but it’s still better than nothing), several thousand words of blogging, a few hours of meditation, a couple of phone calls with my extended family, some tasty meals cooked, a new area of London explored, a movie watched, hours spent drinking tea in coffee shops, the bathroom cleaned, and several hangouts with friends. Plus, the evening is still young!

New things I’ve learnt this week

Ben has quite rightly pointed out that while I am an intuitive and well-informed personal trainer, I do lack the experience that he has of having spent years watching bodies of differing shapes, sizes, types, and ages move through various sports. So I have actually pro-actively scheduled in half an hour of video-watching every day, watching anything that involves a moving body, to analyse everything from the mundane to the elite, from American football to frisbee. Here are a couple of my favourites:

  • Drew Brees‘ workout. I was astounded by the control he has over his whole body but especially his hips, an area often overlooked by athletes and trainers alike. Watch the video and see how fluid he makes every drill. My friend Steph once commented that the difference between an everyday athlete and a truly elite level in sport, is how smooth their transitioning is between different positions. This video makes that really clear, especially when you see his team-mates taking over the same exercise!
  • For my sanity, I prefer to think that Brodie Smith’s Frisbee Trick Shots are digitally manipulated. They are ridiculous. What I found super interesting is that for most of them, he’s not looking at his hand or the trajectory the frisbee is supposed to take – elite level sport is all about feel, all about instinct, all about timing.

New things I have eaten this week

  • Ben picked me up a packet of Clearly Scrumptious Simply Golden Berry – dried physalises (physali?!) – saying “they look weird and you like weird things”. They were weird, but pretty much what you’d expect from a dried version of a pretty tangy and fairly tasteless berry.
  • We also tried the Lemon & Ginger FruitBroo that I got in last month’s vegan food swap, as Ben wasn’t feeling too well and I thought it would be the ideal hot drink for him. Unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly as strong or as sweet as I was expecting or hoping, but with a spoonful of ginger Coconom coconut sugar, and a spoonful of maple syrup to help soften sore throats and add various antioxidants to the mixture, it was a really lovely heartwarming hot drink!
  • On Saturday, I dragged Ben out into the rain to the Brecknock Road Vegan Festival in Kentish Town. After walking us in the wrong direction for about ten minutes (sorry, Ben…!), we found the area but were slightly let down by the scale of the event – we were just expecting a little more. So we ended up walking into Camden instead, and picking up some treats from Cookies and Scream, which I had never been to. We had a peanut butter and jam cookie (pretty much just cookie dough and way too sweet for me), a jam doughnut (also pretty sweet, with an oddly springy texture), a brownie (I didn’t try any, but Ben said it was disappointing), and a vanilla milkshake (tasty, but no more than just blended Swedish Glace). All good, but just not quite our thing.
  • I have also just completed a few batches of baked treats from new recipes, but I can’t share them with you today as they are destined partly for my friend Viv to encourage her in her Vegan 30 Day Challenge, and partly for my UK Vegan Food Swappee, so I don’t want to give anything anyway!

Other highlights this week

  • Getting back into some strength & conditioning work, training with Ben and mainly playing around with the TRX in our new training studio. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in that much pain, but also a while since I have felt that my body is getting close to being truly reliably functional whatever I throw at it.
  • I cooked a really nice meal on Monday evening – a simple, hearty, and autumnal mess of parsnip, potato, yellow pepper, spinach, red lentils, chickpeas, and Linda McCartney red onion & rosemary sausages, it came out surprisingly tasty and just what Ben needed to get over a slight cold that reared its ugly uninvited head without warning.
  • Getting two translations, a big and a small one, and nailing them without getting stressed about the workload!
  • Being able to sit in Harris & Hoole with Ben most afternoons, after our training and before our clients, chilling out and getting work done without worrying about cleaning the house or making dinner for later. Living in the moment, enjoying life for its own sake.
  • Writing the first two posts about my meditation course. It’s good to know I haven’t lost my blogging mojo after 10 days without internet and 4 days of translation!
  • Seeing my friend Emma for the first time in a long time, over brunch in the Gallery Café (I recommend the granola – just £3.50 for a big bowl of crunchy sweet granola with the odd juicy chewy berry, topped with plain soy yoghurt, fresh fruit, Sweet Freedom, and a tiny decorative scatter of chia seeds – and get a cup of chai with it!)Gallery Café granola

Please excuse the terrible photo – my camera is getting a bit elderly and decided it would stick to night mode, which wasn’t suitable for the middle of the day or my oddly shaky hands.

Well it’s time for me to wrap this up, as I have a Google Hangout with (almost) all my best friends who are currently living all around the world. It’s the first time we do anything like this, and I’m super excited! After that, dinner will be waiting for me made by Ben, followed by vegan cheesecake also made by Ben. What more could I ask for on a Sunday evening?

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday evening!