Out to meditate – back in 10 days

You don’t need to have been following my blog for too long to realise that I am not a risk-taker, not a thrill-seeker, not an adventure-lover. I believe I have a comfort zone for a reason and that there’s nothing wrong with being happy, safe and content (though I do sometimes feel a little guilty about it). So I am the last person I would expect to venture off into the unknown for ten days of silence and meditation.

Silence I can do. Meditation I am sure I can learn. Rising at 4am I will have to get used to. Small amounts of food will definitely seem larger at the tail-end of the stay. No phone, no problem. No computer… ehhh I’ll get used to it. No book – shame, would have been a good time to catch up on some reading. No exercise… well, it makes sense, and taking training stuff would have been a pain (though some yoga might have been nice…). No writing??? That’s actually going to be the hardest part I feel!

Still, I think this will be a great experience. I know it will be tough, but it is the best time for me to do this. I have written a few blog posts before, which I have no particular desire to link back to, about sometimes losing sight of the important things in life. Forgetting to slow down and live in the moment. Sometimes neglecting the people that matter. I think I have made some progress since I became self-employed and my boss became a lot more laid-back and trusting of me to get my work done – but as I get more and more into my job, there is potential for things to get worse. And if I get busy to the point that I do struggle more to make time for the things that matter (even just when I start training properly – and hopefully competing – again), taking ten days off to go and sit around in silence will not seem in any way feasible.

I don’t mean to sound like I am in the midst of any sort of crisis – far from it. This isn’t an escape, or a self-help endeavour. Just an experiment, and a desire to learn. Meditation is a skill and I want to master it – I feel like I have a good understanding of my own body, but little to no control over my mind. I don’t want to learn to control my thoughts and emotions, but I would like to be able to put thoughts away when they need to be silenced, and to be better equipped to deal with busy or stressful situations. If nothing else, I want to experience something different.

So obviously I have spent the past few days trying to write up some posts to auto-publish while I am away, to keep you entertained. I didn’t, however, just want to pretend I was still here – that would be a bit creepy, don’t you think? Plus, you might want a little break from me, right? So I have left you in the capable hands of Ben for a few posts, so he can tell you things about me that I wouldn’t write about myself… How fun does that sound?

On the menu over the next few days you have a UK Vegan Food Swap post, a couple of posts by Ben, and a sample training programme from me. I hope you enjoy the posts, and I will see you in 10 days – hopefully I will have plenty to talk about then!

If you are interested in learning more about the course I am going on, please click here.

(I know a few people who have been on the course, and they tell me all the food appears to be vegan – either way, it is all vegetarian, but they can’t cater for any additional dietary requirements, which is fair enough as it is run entirely on voluntary donations. I will definitely update you on that when I get back!)