Sunday thoughts

Some week it has been! Some real high points along the way, some fairly low points, but I have come out of it intact at the tail end of a wonderful and busy weekend, with the sun shining to boot!

New things I have learnt this week

  • As I continue to slowly make my way through the remainder of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything (not because I am enjoying it any less, but because now life is getting in the way of reading time), I continue to learn about half a dozen new random facts on every page, too many to recall and cite though I would still encourage you to get your hands on a copy – but what really stands out to me most is how haphazard the process of discovery is; some people spend decades, if not entire lives, elaborating theories which never get published or accepted simply because they were in the wrong time at the wrong place, while others pluck a random idea out of thin air (or, unfortunately, out of someone else’s papers) which receives global acclaim – meanwhile, so much of what is accepted isn’t really proven, and so much of what needs to be discovered isn’t being worked on. I know this all sounds so vague, but it really does make my mind boggle, and Bryson has summed it all up better than I ever could.
  • In health and fitness news, nothing really of note this week. A few bits and pieces of information have seeped in related to knee (meniscus) injury and sacroiliac joint pain, specifically in regard to the latter and strengthening and conditioning work that could be done to protect the area from future damage, but nothing to report at the moment.

I know, I know, I’m slacking – but I will make up for it in food, see:

New things I have eaten this week

Well, having spent five hours at Vegfest London yesterday, this list could take up an entire post – and actually, I do have two separate posts lined up to publish this week! But even before that I have done well this week:

Soupologie Broccoli and Matcha

  • I never normally buy packaged soup as it’s just so easy to make and always overpriced – but I saw this Soupologie soup reduced to half price and was intrigued by the flavour.
  • I used last week’s cooked chickpeas to make hummus for the first time in years, and for once it was actually tasty. I probably should have used garlic powder rather than raw garlic, but other than that the texture was smooth and all the other flavours just right.Soupologie Broccoli and Matcha My photography skills can’t make hummus look that exciting, so you can catch a glimpse of it among the carrot, as a crunchy side to a warm bowl of soup sprinkled with a little paprika – that was a satisfying and easy lunch.
  • My proudest cooking achievement this week was making pumpkin muffins inspired by a Fork and Beans recipe. I substituted millet flour for the quinoa flour, because I have a huge bag to use up, and coconut sugar for the brown sugar, and they came out great – moist and light, tinglingly spiced and not overly sweet, and healthy. The only thing is the millet lends them a slightly bitter aftertaste, but I was given about 2kg of it for free and muffins are the only way I will get through it!Pumpkin millet muffin
  • Homemade ravioliAnd as last week I had a small and temporary camera malfunction and didn’t get to share the photos of Ben making pasta, I’ll share them with you now (which is appropriate as he is making pasta again tonight!):Homemade ravioli

Other highlights this week

  • Obviously – Vegfest! Everything the day entailed – the people I bumped into, the new people I met, the people I didn’t meet but shared the experience with on Twitter, the products I tasted and tested, the food I ate, the products I bought.
  • Going to the Royal Parks Half Marathon this morning to cheer on a client – as it turns out, I somehow managed to not see her run past me, but I spent over an hour clapping and cheering continuously. I had to do so continuously as I was in so much pain after about 20 minutes of it that had I taken a break, I wouldn’t have started up again – and it was so worth it, as so many runners 500m from the finish line found it in them to thank me for cheering, and a couple even gave me a high five. Two or three even started walking again after catching my eye – it was great to be a part of their experience. On a sad note, a runner collapsed just a few metres away from me. It was very distressing to catch enough glimpses of the resuscitation process to know that the situation was bad, and I don’t have any news on this individual at the moment but I hope with all my heart that they have pulled through. I was shocked and angered to see spectators stopping to stare, and one even stopped to take a (zoomed-in!!!) photo – absolutely heartless and inconsiderate behaviour. One volunteer was doing a great job trying to shield the individual from the public gaze and continued cheering the remaining runners on through her tears – unfortunately I was disappointed by the rest of the volunteers who stood staring instead of trying to distract the passing runners. I am truly saddened by the incident and angered by people’s reactions.
  • While we’re on negative notes, a difficult Friday was turned into a positive experience through the unexpectedly overwhelming support Ben and I received, often from people we wouldn’t have expected to go out of their way to show us how much they cared.
  • Ben booked us a night in Southampton, which I haven’t visited since I graduated over three years ago, so I am very excited about going back.
  • Making so much good, healthy food from scratch again – it feels good to get back into (good) old habits and we are definitely saving money!

I think that’s about it – I am resisting the urge to launch into the highlights of Vegfest as it has completely taken over my week – but check in again tomorrow for the first installment of my Vegfest report.

In other news, it is sad to hear that The Karma Free Pizza Company are closing down today. Ben and I haven’t been able to make it for a few weeks, but I wish their team all the best in whatever they go on to do.

As for the rest of you, I hope you have had a positive start to the month and as always, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments!