Sunday thoughts

Well this week seals the deal – I definitely prefer busy weeks! No wonder I am enjoying running my own business, I seem to thrive on the constance of the workload… well, as long as I’m getting things done, that is!

We’ve also cooked every night this week, which I would give as the reason for my feeling physically better – less bloated, mainly. Mind you, I never feel bloated until I feel not bloated, so it’s probably all psychological but that’s good enough for me!

New things I have learnt this week

  • Speaking of mind matters, I haven’t been doing much to increase my knowledge this week. But after Ben made a comment about an individual telling him how “cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment”, I decided to have a little read around the matter. I had heard things around the benefits associated with alkaline diets, and I have virtually seen alkaline diet enthusiasts froth at the mouth talking about cancer-prevention properties, and I had my doubts. But I had never heard it put like that before. Unfortunately, my scepticism has been upheld by just one succinct and logical article – not to mention the fact that every other source I could find on the matter was a raw/alkaline/paleo-type blog or a supplement website. Sometimes, just seeing what sources are available is as big a sign as the sources themselves. So I stand by my current view that anyone talking about cancer prevention through diet really doesn’t have much of a clue. I might be a vegan who likes to eat wholesomely and live a healthy lifestyle, but I don’t kid myself for one minute that I am reducing my chances of developing cancer. So I may not have learnt anything but I have used my brain!
  • In random facts, which I have slightly neglected of late, I learnt (again, for I think I have learnt this before) that bees dance to communicate the location of food (and people think they won’t notice us taking away their honey!) and that tarantulas have an average life span of up to 30 years, so maybe bludgeoning them because we don’t like the way they look is a little more consequential to their lives that we might like to think (though you may not want to click that link if you can’t deal with images of spiders).

New things I have eaten this week

  • I finally dug into the Moo Free Banana Chocolate bar that Laura sent me in the August UK Vegan Food Swap – it lasted only 4 days.
  • I also got a chance to try the Suma Pear & Apple Spread she sent – unfortunately I didn’t get to spread it on anything, but I did have a dollop with my plain soy yoghurt and it was really tasty, smack bang somewhere between a fruit-based sweetener and a jam or jelly. It will be amazing to bake with!
  • I always seem to go on “new things from Vegan Food Swap parcels” rampages – I also managed to try out the Sanchi Samurai crackers that Rachel sent me in July’s swap. The flavour is very mild but unfortunately for me that didn’t stop me polishing off the entire packed, despite having brought them specifically to share with friends.

Other highlights this week

  • Speaking of friends, the one thing I can remember about the earlier phase of this week is going over to my friend Aoife’s after teaching Circuits on Tuesday night. It may have taken me over an hour to get there, and again to get back, but the short time I got to sit around her kitchen with old and new friends filled my soul with warmth. So worth it! And she bought a Great Expectations Fitness t-shirt which is so exciting for me!
  • Tearing through my next book, A Spot of Bother, faster than I have read anything in a very long time. Very easy to read, not overly high-brow, and too big and bulky for me to want to take on holiday, it’s just been great to spend over an hour most nights immersed in another world and to get back into the habit of reading.
  • Though the real highlight came when Ben surprised me by buying me a book I have wanted for weeks (after first having it recommended to me a couple of years ago): Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything. I had promised myself I would buy it as a reward for getting back into reading, but Ben beat me to it. I can’t wait to get stuck in!
  • Back to the whole point of this blog – health and fitness – two of my clients had amazing sessions this week. I decided to push them both much harder than they’d ever been pushed, and they gritted their teeth and got on with it. One, in particular, really surprised me with her ability – having seen her get out of breath from a low-impact warm-up when we started just a couple of months ago – and I was grateful it was already dark by that time as my eyes welled up with pride at one point. Despite the rain, the cold, and the weird old men hanging out a little too near us for comfort, at that point I was in love with my job and the world.
  • As much as it stressed me out at the time, getting two translations done in less than three days was fun in one of those caffeine-fuelled single-minded ways. A work binge, if you will. Could be worse, I guess. And there was cake at the end of it.
  • Speaking of cake, going over to visit Ben’s family, who had made him a vegan birthday cake (bearing in mind I am the only non-omnivore and not even the birthday girl) which is always a highlight in itself – can you believe I am saying that about someone else’s family? – and helping his eldest nephew practice his homework from his first piano lesson. With all the piano talk, it also reminded me how much I love and miss playing the piano.
  • Despite this already being a little too long, I should highlight that I had a couple of good gym sessions which consisted of me mucking around and just doing what I felt like doing – one improvised leg workout including overhead squats, leg press, and single-leg squats which resulted in a great deal of muscle pain over the following days, and a couple of fairly hard but steady cardio sessions which have contributed to me feeling more functional again. It was just what I needed. One step back for two steps forward.

I really had better leave it there. Especially as Vegan MoFo is in full swing and there are so many amazing posts to catch up with. Posts with beautiful photos of food and suchlike. I love catching up on the blogs I follow while I take my snack breaks during my working day. What are your favourite blogs? Are you following Vegan MoFo?

Next time I post on here I will be on holiday in the Canary Islands! If you are in the UK, please try and find something to cheer you up in this miserable weather! Have a wonderful week 🙂