What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday

In the year or so that I have been following blogs, I have become loosely acquainted with the food-voyeurism party that is What I Ate Wednesday – yet for some strange reason I never took part.

But as the weather tumbles decisively into Autumn I find myself spending as much time in the house, pottering around on the computer and snacking at my leisure, and as lately I have provided plenty of rants and musings and opinions, I thought it was a good time to sit back and post some pictures embracing my eating habits of below-average entertainment value.

Breakfast normally manages to look quite exotic:

Porridge bowl

I call this porridge, but actually only about 50% of it is actually oats: 20-25g of oats, cooked with water and a pinch of salt, sprinkled with cinnamon, topped with 15g of natural peanut butter, 5g of raw cacao nibs, and 10g of blackstrap molasses. A very strange mix of flavours and textures, and I have no justification for it other than it somehow intrigues and delights my tastebuds.

Serving it in a nice bowl is essential. And my favourite spoon. Don’t make fun of me.

Protein shake and greens

I follow it up with a 25g serving of coffee-flavoured Vital Pea Protein to which I add a 4g teaspoon of Pukka Vitalise greens powder. It doesn’t taste as green as it looks, and is much smoother than the speckled appearance would suggest. And it really rounds off my breakfast with the comfort of smooth coffee and the satiating power of protein.

A couple of hours later I had a sudden intense craving for a banana. So intense that I forgot to take a photo of it – but you all know what a banana looks like, right?

To make up for the lack of banana photos, let me share this with you:

Banana timeline

You know that’s how it goes. It’s the same for avocados. Lucky for me, I have become quite an expert at managing my banana timing, and my banana yesterday was about a third into that perfect yellow – the rest of the bunch will be about halfway in today. They will still be ok tomorrow. Friday, time for freezing. Which means Saturday is banana ice cream day!

That got me through another hour or so of work while I tried to make up my mind what to make for lunch. It feels strange cooking lunch, as I normally just nibble on cold things or at most make myself a colourful salad – but it was cold, and I had no salad ingredients except cucumber and sundried tomato, and I had had heated up leftovers on Monday which reminded me how awesome hot food can be.

Mushroom, tofu, sweet potato lunch

I had surprisingly enjoyed my slap-up Monday night dinner of thickly-sliced mini Portobella mushrooms which I had found heavily reduced in my late-night shopping (£0.44 down from £1.70!) and tofu chunks, so I decided to do it again. This time I added some frozen chopped spinach for green bonus points and to make room in the freezer for ice cream, and some sundried tomato paste because everything tastes better with sundried tomato. Adding the mushrooms to a hot pan of olive oil to brown them, then turning the heat down so they simmer in their juices makes them tender and meaty – it helps the tofu absorb the juices so it doesn’t stick to the pan and disintegrate.

Mushroom, tofu, sweet potato lunchI had chucked some sweet potato chunks and sliced pepper into the oven with some salt and chili oil, because otherwise we never get around to using it and you can always find an excuse to eat roasted sweet potato. It was done just in time for my lunch, so I couldn’t resist a handful to eat with my fingers before digging into the more sensible food.

I had been reading about apples in Kathy’s Honeycrisp Banana Bread Loaf, so I had an apple – which I had an urge to eat by the slice rather than biting into it. Food is about textures and sensations as much as it is about taste.

Apple and knife

But apples are a gateway drug to chocolate, and I had just a few little squares left of NomNom Clementine & Thyme chocolate. It was perfect.

Clementine and Thyme chocolateEverything washed down with a blend of oolong and green tea. Refreshing, invigorating.

All of a sudden it was time to head into the gym to teach… My next meal wouldn’t be for a little while… Need something crunchy, something hearty. I know! Brazil nuts! Just 5 brazil nuts weigh 15g which seems disappointing, but they really do hit the spot.

Brazil nutsAnd then it was time for something unashamedly sweet, something soft and creamy. Something totally unnecessary but sometimes just so right. And just so you know, I’m not eating in bed – when I make the bed and sit at the opposite end propped up with lots of cushions, it’s my office. You know it makes sense.

Alpro vanilla dessert

That saw me through the circuits class I taught, right onto the train which pulled in just as I ran onto the platform, by which time I was surprised to find that I was actually quite hungry for my packed dinner:

Packed dinnerHad I known I would actually have worked out quite an appetite over my hour of shouting at people, I’d have made a more inspired packed dinner. Maybe. Don’t get me wrong, it was all good: more roasted sweet potato and red and yellow pepper, quinoa, some cucumber slices to bulk it out, and a little dollop of homemade chutney from Laura of Possumology.

As it was, I needed something extra, and found that a Frank Oat & Chocolate snack bar rounded it off perfectly. I didn’t even think to snap a photo, but believe me it hit the spot.

An hour later, I was at my friend Aoife’s, proffering snacks which everyone was too full to eat. So I found myself eating the entire bag of Sanchi Samurai

That’s not all. Oh no. There was a tub of Swedish Glace vanilla ice cream to be brought out. We dug in by the tablespoonful. I attempted a little reserve by transferring my spoonfuls to a bowl and eating them in smaller mouthfuls, but I still got through about 4 big spoonfuls before the ice cream was locked away again. Two cups of green tea finished the evening off.

That’s pretty much an average day – a couple of well-thought out dishes among a bunch of snacks. A lot of texture-based eating. An appreciation of the little things. Eating as an activity. As long as I don’t think about food when I’m working or with people, and as long as my stomach doesn’t hurt when I go to bed, I’m happy to keep doing what I’m doing.

I’ll definitely be taking part in another What I Ate Wednesday – as long as Jenn at Peas & Crayons is still happy to have us!

Am I the only one who eats as much for the texture as for the taste? Please share your latest What I Ate Wednesday post with me in the comments below!