Sunday thoughts

How ironic that in the first week of Vegan MoFo – where bloggers around the world challenge themselves to post every day about vegan food – and after a triumphant first blogging anniversary post, I manage to post the least amount I have in weeks and maybe months!

I have no regrets though, as the time not spent blogging was spent hanging out with friends, reading other blogs (courtesy of Vegan MoFo!), spending time with my family, drawing, watching movies and documentaries, listening to music, stretching and doing some basic yoga, and reading. All things I always say I don’t do enough. Now if only I could strike a balance…!

New things I have learnt this week

  • Not overly new to me, thankfully as I wrote a post on hydration and electrolytes not too long ago, but I did do a little research on homemade rehydration solutions and came across an incredibly well put together piece on the Chef in Residency blog. You don’t often stumble upon such sensible and straightforward information online, especially on blogs. The cherry on top of this story is that I used it in a little Twitter discussion I was having with a couple of strangers – having received a slightly curt reply from another party, I feared we would spiral into name-calling and virtual posturing, but we continued our discussion until we reached a point of agreement and understanding, and even ended it thanking each other for such balanced and mature arguments. I do love a happy ending.
  • I watched a couple of documentaries in the Philosophy: Guide to Happiness series and found it really informative and easy to understand. I still need to watch the rest, because I know very little about philosophy and have no desire to immerse myself in it, but would like to have a bit of a roadmap as to who thought what. This is perfect.
  • While we’re talking other people’s wise words, I was pointed in the direction of a few really good articles discussing the image of women in BJJ and other martial arts. I still don’t know where I stand on a lot of the issues, but I think they need to be thought about and spoken about by everyone who has any interest in those sports, or in gender issues at all. I started with a piece by Grappling Girl, clicked on the link to an article on Jiu Jiu’s BJJ Blog, which took me to a piece on Girl-Jitsu… Having already written about being a female in a male-dominated sport, it didn’t take much to reignite the flame of interest in me – please do share any other good pieces you have read, or your own thoughts!

New things I have eaten this week

Despite putting together a little vegan bucket list, I have made no progress on this front this week – after a few days of indulgence, and ending the week with a bad stomach which vetoed the thought of eating anything at all for most of the day, I was quite content to eat “normal” food for the days that were left!

Other highlights this week

  • Technically this happened last week, but as it was after I had posted my Sunday thoughts I have to mention that an almost two-hour-long Skype conversation with ex-colleague-become-friend Todd brightened up my week. I’m not one for sitting around talking at a computer screen, or doing anything for two hours that isn’t sleeping or training, but those couple of hours could easily have gone to three or four had my internet connection not gone lousy, and my computer been about to run out of power, reminding me that it was almost 2am.
  • In the same vein, an entire carefree sunny afternoon spent drinking coffee and eating delicious yet wholesome food at the Gallery Café with one of my best friends, followed by a short bout of lounging around at hers and then a wander into central London before a session with a client.
  • Aaand another afternoon of coffee and great food at Gallery Café with another one of my best friends – this time on a rainy day, but the experience was no less perfect.
  • Watching a movie on Saturday afternoon with Ben – always a guilty pleasure of mine, to laze around on a Saturday when most people are “doing” things, but which I reserve for rare occasions like an upset stomach which prevented me from really doing anything more productive. We watched Silver Linings Playbook which we both really enjoyed.
  • Despite feeling rubbish on Saturday morning, I feel like I took my new client through a great session, and I think she really enjoyed it too, so that always makes me happy.
  • Finishing my book and knowing I can now start another!
  • Attending our BJJ grading today, and getting two stripes added to my belt.

Apologies again for not being more active on here this week, hopefully I will be a little more inspired in the next few days but with a few friends gearing up to leave London in the next couple of weeks you will have to excuse me if it doesn’t quite happen. However, the week after that I will be on holiday and have plans for posts then.

I hope you have all enjoyed your week, whether it has been full of little happy things like mine or lifted by one big achievement. As always, please feel free to share any thoughts on the above or even to tell me what has made you smile this week!

7 thoughts on “Sunday thoughts

  1. slideyfoot says:

    Cool! Didn’t expect to find a BJJ blog buried within a vegan blog, but I saw your trackback on I think I can subscribe to specific categories in WordPress blogs: should I go for BJJ or Grappling in yours? 🙂

    If you’re looking for more thought-provoking pieces to read on the topic you mentioned, I’d suggest MegJitsu, Megan, Fightland and (some parts of the site NSFW, but the article is worth a read) Syd Blakovich. Finally, this is not necessarily a good piece – as I wrote it – but my thoughts are here.

    Loads and loads of great blogs by women out there too, if you want more of those to read.

    • greatveganexpectations says:

      Hey, thanks so much for your comment – have just opened all of those articles and going to get myself another cup of tea and read them now!

      As for my blog category – I think I quite often use both the “BJJ” and “Grappling” tags in the same post, but these days I tend to talk more about BJJ than grappling as I am slowly but surely falling in love with the gi, so go with that 🙂 On the whole though, I tend to talk more about food and being vegan and exercise in general than I do specifically about BJJ, but hopefully as I get better and more confident in my knowledge of the sport I will be able to post more about it.

      Thanks again for reading and for commenting!

      • slideyfoot says:

        Cool: in that case I’ll subscribe to your BJJ tag in my feedly and add that to the blog index as well.

        I’m not big on food and I think I’d struggle with veganism (seeing as cheese is the one food I couldn’t live without and the only vegetable I like is the sweet potato), but it’s always good to learn new stuff. E.g., a couple of weeks ago, a vegan friend of mine taught me that beer isn’t necessarily vegetarian due to Isinglass. Not that I drink beer (I’m more of a sweet – developing a theme? – sherry person, because apparently apperances to the contrary, I’m an old woman), but yay knowledge. ;D

      • greatveganexpectations says:

        Haha luckily I don’t really like beer (or many alcoholic drinks) so I don’t have to dodge the isinglass or other non-vegan elements – and as for cheese, I never liked it as a kid anyway, so I don’t have to worry about that! Crazily, when I met my boyfriend he pretty much didn’t eat anything that was vegan except Hobnobs… and now although he is far from vegan he has eaten exclusively vegan food for a whole month, and we always cook vegan food at home. I never would have expected it!

        Anyway, not trying to convince you to change or anything, but I do hope you enjoy the blog and maybe find some inspiration to expand your culinary horizons. And if not, well there’s always a heap of sweet potato on here 🙂

  2. slideyfoot says:

    Ha – I would be very impressed if you managed to change anything about my diet: my culinary horizons are decidedly narrow, with a large cheese sun in the sky. 😉

    I look forward to more posts on BJJ: judging by your competition pics, I’m guessing you train at London Shoot, so probably know Pippa? One of my first training partners, back when she used to be the secretary at RGA, and a big help at the GrappleThon back in May.

      • slideyfoot says:

        Yeah, that’s one of the main things I love about BJJ: it’s a community and a small one at that. It can also be impressively inclusive. If I was a big fan of basketball or football, there is no way I would have access to Michael Jordan or Pele. But in BJJ, I’ve met and trained with plenty of huge names, something which isn’t at all rare.

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