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It’s another UK Vegan Food Swap post! Hell yes!

I was totally not expecting my parcel when it arrived – just days after Laura from Possumology and I had exchanged greetings, dietary requirements and address details. In fact, I didn’t even hear the doorbell – once again, it was poor Ben who had to leap out of bed and down the stairs to collect my parcel, which I awoke to a couple of hours later.

This was a really interesting parcel:

August UK Vegan Food SwapAlthough I have had oat milk before, had soy cream before, and seen the Oatly oat cream in shops before, I have never tried it, so I’m looking forward to using it.

Same goes for the Suma Pear & Apple fruit spread – I always eye up fruit spreads, attracted to the idea of a fruity condiment with no added sugar, but never quite finding an excuse to buy any. I know they are quite good to cook with too, so that will be happening for sure! Same goes for the Essential Yeast Extract – I haven’t used yeast extract in a while, but sometimes it really does just hit the spot, and I’m looking forward to trying this brand of it. The Suma Bombay Mix will be saved for a social gathering I think, lest I eat the whole bag in one sitting…

My two favourite items were (obviously) the Banana Chip Moo Free chocolate bar – two of my favourite things, combined in one bar by one of my favourite companies – and Laura’s ostensibly homemade green tomato and chili chutney. I love chutney and spicy foods, and I’m always so impressed when a swapper includes homemade goods. I have already cracked open the chutney and my word it is delicious! Tangy, spicy, sweet, fresh-tasting – beautiful stuff!

Quite a lot of those are useful cooking ingredients, so hopefully I can get back to you soon with some interesting and healthy recipes – in the meantime, thank you Laura!

In turn, I put together a parcel I am quite pleased with, and can only hope that Bani enjoys:

August UK Vegan Food SwapThis time I went for quite a mixture of sweet and savoury, rather than my usual distinct lean towards sweet treats – some are old favourites of mine and usual suspects in my UK Vegan Food Swap boxes, some are new discoveries of mine.

I knew the Nim’s fruit crisps would be going in as I have only seen them on one market stall, and they are quite different to dried fruit you find in supermarkets. They make a really handy snack when you want something sweet but not overly sweet, something crunchy and crispy but not oily, and each pack is under 100kcal.

The Samai plantain chips are another favourite of mine, more substantial and satisfying than a potato chip, and the Jungle Chili flavour is just hot enough whilst still being flavourful.

The Tesco Sundried Tomato & Olive Breadsticks were a new discovery, so Bani I apologise if they are horrible, but they sounded quite nice! Again, another different snack option for a different mood.

For a more natural and wholesome savoury snack, I threw in a couple of packets of Munchy Seeds; Omega Sprinkles for something a bit more plain and versatile, and Chilli Bites because I just can’t resist something spicy. To cover the healthy sweet snack side of things, I popped in a pack of my favourite fruit snack, strawberry Bear Nibbles Yo-Yos, and a Beond Organic Raw Chocolate Bar.

On the more fun side of treats, we have a Builder’s Bar – I won’t say any more about these because I have already raved about them ad nauseam here and here and apparently in a few more posts which is worrying.

Not pictured, I also concocted my own loose-leaf tea blend for Bani – I can’t send a parcel without some tea, but nothing really captured my attention whilst browsing various tea aisles. I have to admit I have become a bit of a tea snob ever since Ben and I started amassing dozens of varieties of loose-leaf tea, so it seemed silly to pay a premium for a fairly standard packets of teabags. In it I included: Whittard’s Chilli Mango Black TeaWhittard’s Sweet Summer Berry Green Tea, Teavana Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate, and a little bit of Teavana Strawberry Lemonade Herbal Tea – an invigorating and refreshing fruity tea blend, with the various health benefits associated with black tea, green tea and maté.

Bani, I hope you enjoy your parcel, and Laura, I hope you got an equally interesting parcel from your mystery swapper! As for everyone else who didn’t take part in the swap, do sign up with To Happy Vegans who kindly organise it every month and bring fun and smiles to vegans across the UK!

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