Sunday thoughts

It’s Sunday, so that means Sunday thoughts – although it is almost 11pm and I have had a long day (at my first Brazilian jiu jitsu competition – more on that later), and to be honest I don’t have much to highlight this week, so this should be a fairly short post.

New things I have learnt this week

Oh dear, I think that’s another week gone by without me doing any real learning. Monday and Tuesday were two very busy and productive days business-wise, I’m not entirely sure I could tell you what I got up to on Wednesday, Thursday was productive in terms of catching up on little non-work tasks including shopping, Friday and Saturday were non-events as I tried to control nerves after having signed up for my competition. So there wasn’t much space left for studying I suppose!

So as not to leave this section totally blank, however, I will share with you an interesting article I stumbled across on Jezebel about how children could be encouraged to carry spoons in their underwear as a way out of forced marriages. I guess that’s probably not the sort of thing we want to be making common knowledge though, is it?

New things I have eaten this week

Again, nothing overly exciting on this front.

  • I did, however, get to try a new place, Farm W5 in Ealing. The little deli-café was pretty much exactly what I expected it to be; mainly Mediterranean-style mezze, juices and smoothies, and lots of appealing cakes none of which were vegan. They also didn’t know the difference between vegan and vegetarian so my “vegetarian platter” which I checked was vegan, came with a feta salad. However, once that was resolved, their food was actually very tasty and generously served – I had to get half of mine to take away and had it for dinner, and it was still very nice!
  • Although I am no stranger to Le Pain Quotidien, I tried a new dish there – their avocado, white bean and lemon hummus tartine, scattered with toasted seeds. Although I added salt because I am a bit of a salt fiend, and pepper because avocado should never be without pepper, it was really tasty and wholesome, and very filling! Not to mention pretty and healthy-looking:Avocado tartine

Other highlights this week

  • Well the clear highlight was obviously winning my first silver medal (well, my first medal full-stop) in Brazilian jiu jitsu, at my first competition. I won my first match quite swiftly, and lost my second match, and although I’m not going to pretend I didn’t desperately want a gold medal, I am pleased with how I did and how it went. Plus, it was a fun day! But I’ll post a proper write-up in a few days.
  • Related to that was the amount of support and kind words I got from my team mates in the days leading up to the competition. I haven’t been training as long as most of them, and haven’t really played as active a part in the team as I could (I don’t go out with them, I haven’t been to any other competitions to watch or cheer), and yet they all went out of their way to tell me how much they believed in me, and how proud they were of my performance. It really means a lot to me, and makes me smile whenever I think about it.
  • Saturday was, once again, the highlight of my week. After an early start but a great training session with my client, I was exempt from training because of my competition the following day. So I met up with Scheila, an old housemate of mine, and had a couple of coffees at the terrace of the Angela Malik Cook School with my phone out of sight, eyes off the clock, and any and every subject of conversation on the table. She also took me to a little independent health food store in Acton which I had never discovered in the time I lived there, and then I met Ben and we went for the above-mentioned lunch in Pain Quotidien, then we both came back to the house where I crashed (a result of the combination of early morning, needing to keep my mind off the upcoming competition, and a rainy Saturday afternoon) and watched Erin Brokovich, which I have been meaning to watch for years (I think I even remember my mum hiring the video at one point, when I was too young to care, understand, or appreciate it). And then Ben made a delicious dinner!
  • I was really pleased on Wednesday evening, I managed to pull of a technique in sparring that we had just learnt in class – a simple hip-bump transition to a triangle, but it worked and my partner tapped – but the important thing is getting my body to master something in real time.
  • Speaking of training, I actually gave myself a pretty good little cardio session on the upright bike on Tuesday evening. No crazy PBs or anything, and times were actually sort of erratic (normally I get steadily faster each mile, until all of a sudden my legs stop working at which point I call it diminishing returns and stop, usually after about 4 miles), but I wasn’t really expecting to do it and it felt good to get a good steady bit of hard work and sweating.

I think that’s about it – I am very sleepy after a long and adrenaline-filled day, and I have some Breaking Bad to watch – but I will fill you in on my competition (I even have photos, for once!) and on August’s UK Vegan Food Swap parcels this week!

I hope you have all had a wonderful and happy week – has anyone else competed in any sporting events this week?

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