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Happy Monday all!

I know, I know, Monday is a busy day especially if you work Monday-Friday and come in to find a whole new list of tasks that need to be wrapped up by the end of the week – and even moreso if you work Monday-Friday in a place that runs 7 days a week, and you find that you come in having to fix everyone else’s mistakes before getting on with this week’s work. Not that that’s why I decided to leave retail/set up my own business/become overly cynical.

That, and blog update emails pour into my inbox on Mondays, as bloggers around the world prepare their posts on a Sunday evening or Monday morning to grace us with their thoughts and beautiful photos to start our (grey and gloomy, if you are in London) weeks.

So don’t worry, I’m not here to have a long rant or anything today. But I did just want to pop in and make sure you catch my newly published guest blog post on the Vitality TV blog: Worth Fighting For.

Oh, and on it you will see one of my brand-new professional photos, taken by the lovely Mel Brown, if you hadn’t already spotted it on Facebook:

Great Expectations Fitness

Vitality TV are an online resource devoted to providing accessible, easy-to-understand, reliable information to inspire people to take responsibility for their own health, and to enjoy the process of living healthier and feeling happier. In their own words: “Our mission is to deliver high quality, video-based information that will empower people with the knowledge, understanding and practical tools they need to be able to take increasing responsibility for their own health one small step at a time.

Their ethos is pretty much aligned with mine – I am not one of those “train hard or go home”, “eat clean train dirty”, “detox” and “no pain no gain” types of personal trainers. I believe in moderation, happiness and peace of mind, and sticking to your beliefs. I wanted to get across the fact that challenging commitments pay off, both mentally and physically, and that once you commit to a way of life and understand why you do it, it really isn’t that daunting anymore – whether it’s being vegan, training hard, trying something new, changing your eating habits for the better, or whatever you feel you need to get your health into gear.

Anyway, I won’t say anymore – head over to Vitality TV, check out my article, and have a browse of the rest of the site. Enjoy and don’t forget to let me know what you think!

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  1. aheffron88 says:

    Thanks Claire for the shout out to Vitality TV – thanks again for writing such a good quest blog – we’d love to have you back again : )

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