Sunday thoughts

It’s that time again! It’s funny how even though I have been busier this weekend than any day this week, the weekend always feels like the weekend. Actually, that probably has a lot to do with not training!

Anyways, let’s move swiftly on so we can all go and enjoy the sunshine/eat something delicious/sleep.

New things I have learnt this week

  • Having received my first ever sports massage, and having just finished a Swedish/holistic massage course, I have learnt a lot about massage this week! Obviously the techniques, but also the basics of what to pay attention to and how the body responds to massage.
  • I have been keeping up with my Coursera course and learning a lot from that, but the main little factlet that stood out to me this week was that no studies have actually found glucosamine supplements to have any significant effect on joint health – despite all the health claims you read about it!
  • And just because Ben has just told me this, and because it’s very topical, apparently Andy Murray was found to run the equivalent of 5.5km during one of his last tennis matches – 5.5km all in short, intense bursts of acceleration. That’s a lot of running! Not to mention all the vigorous racquet swinging. It’s easy to forget just how elite these sportspeople are, so I love little facts like that.

New things I have eaten this week

Once again, I have been a little lazy on this front, just pottering around during the day snacking on fruit, smoothies, nuts and various soy yoghurty concoctions, and coming home late to a crowded and messy kitchen with no desire to make anything too elaborate. Having said that:

  • I pressed and marinated some tofu slices for the first time – I used tomato concentrate purée, apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, olive oil, agave, garlic powder, and a little bit of chili powder in the marinade, and it came out really really well!
  • I finally made some sort of version of a strawberry salad.
  • I got to tick another item off the vegan bucket list by visiting Scoop in Covent Garden. We wandered down at the end of a long but sunny and warm Saturday, after another tasty meal at East Street Diner. They had none of their vegan-friendly dark chocolate sorbet, but I had a scoop of melon and a scoop of pineapple gelato – my goodness was it creamy! So unbelievably creamy, I don’t believe I have ever tasted sorbet like it, even in some really very good restaurants. Not a hint of iciness or cheap sugariness, just smooth and delicate fruit deliciousness.

Other highlights this week

  • Receiving my first sports massage on my legs, while not in itself an overly pleasant experience, made a huge difference to how responsive my legs felt the following day in training – that made me happy.
  • After taking most of the week off grappling, coming back to two classes on Friday (no-gi followed by gi) taught by Yuri Simoes, having legs that functioned again, and feeling motivated and switched on, was a great feeling.
  • Giving up on sitting around in the lounge in the evenings, Ben and I have been having our dinner upstairs watching TV and chilling out in the peace and quiet of our room, and it has been lovely and something I really look forward to in the evenings.
  • Being able to write a little bit more this week, as well as completing my first Coursera assignment and my massage theory test, and getting some more bits and pieces together for my website, made me really happy towards the end of the week.
  • I treated myself to a pair of the Asics Gel-DS Trainer 18 – in bright purple! These shoes never even used to be vegetarian, let alone vegan, as they had a smidgeon of suede on the upper. They were always a lovely shoe, however, so when I randomly wandered into the Asics store with Ben to have a look and found those, on sale, in the right colour for my Great Expectations Fitness gear, with a product code indicating that they should be vegan, I couldn’t leave the store without them (especially as we made the staff stay a few minutes past closing time and, having worked in a running shoe shop, I know how annoying that is)! I am so pleased with my decision to buy them, they are just right!

I think that’s about it tonight, but I am ready for tonight to be a highlight as Ben is cooking and has put some little dessert puddings in the freezer which is exciting!

I hope you are all having a lovely relaxing Sunday!