It seems that people reducing their meat intake are everywhere these days. Probably about 90% of the people I speak to about food and nutrition tell me they have either cut out red meat, rarely eat meat at lunch, or have cut down on meat altogether – news pieces discussing the advantage of meat-free diets are on the rise, and Meat Free Monday is everywhere now.

We all know the importance of continually pushing back our boundaries, of breaking down our barriers, and of stepping a little further out of our comfort zone with every goal we set ourselves – so I think it’s time we moved on from Meat Free Monday, which has been a resounding international success, and set ourselves a new goal.

Enter #WheyFreeWednesday!

I came up with this idea a few months ago, as I have seen dairy-free protein supplement companies blossom and flourish in the last few months, and on my trip to Australia saw just how much potential there was to grow this market. To be honest, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before as Ben has encouraged a number of his omnivorous clients to try plant-based protein, and they have all enjoyed them and, more importantly, experienced for themselves the benefits of dairy-free supplements.

Now we are in the second week of the London Vegan Pledge, and I know that those people would have no trouble giving up dairy for a day a week. It seems that once you’ve done it, it really doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

But why would people do it in the first place? Especially as it has been documented than cheese is genuinely addictive due to the presence of opiates upon digestion (for me, that would be a reason in itself – I don’t like being a slave to anything I put into my body – but many people prefer the easy way out).

Well – I now refer you to my hot-off-the-press guest blog post for Sativa Shakes. They kindly gave me a platform on which to voice my opinions on why everyone can benefit from replacing dairy protein with plant-based protein – obviously I would love to see the whole world go vegan, but I don’t think I will see that in my lifetime. I mean, people are talking about eating insects rather than give up eating animals altogether.

The point of #WheyFreeWednesday is not to brainwash people, to try and change the world or save the planet through one day of dairy-free eating, or whatever else people may think this malicious vegan (who, me?) is up to.

#WheyFreeWednesday is a chance to broaden people’s horizons, encourage them to play with their diet and nutrition, help them tune in to their bodies and digestive systems, and lead them to discover a whole new world of ethical, sustainable, compassionate food producers.

I won’t say any more, as you either know the benefits of cutting dairy out of your diet already, and if you don’t then you have some reading to do over on the Sativa Shakes blog. But do yourself – or the omnivores in your life – a favour and get #WheyFreeWednesday rolling!

Note that the hashtag is optional – I’m just using it because I started this on Twitter, but one of my pet hates is people using hashtags inappropriately, as I have done through this whole post. Lastly, if you are getting involved, please please please leave me a comment below so I can give you full credit, encouragement and support!