Sunday thoughts

New things I have learnt this week

  • I got my first therapy assignment back – all red ticks! I also got to watch Ben strap a wrist for sparring. More interestingly, I learnt that some of the blood flow to the hand runs through the scaphoid bone – although people often think hand injuries aren’t much of a worry, a scaphoid fracture can have serious complications due to this blood flow being disrupted, including tissue death and arthritis. Obviously this is of particular concern in martial arts, so I really felt I learnt something valuable and easy to commit to memory due to its importance.
  • Asparagus and spinach are among two high sources of purine, which has been found to increase gout risk. I find it funny that these are considered two of the “healthiest” foods you can eat – and they are – but facts like this are a great example of why everyone should be assessed individually and find foods that complement their health and lifestyle best.

New things I have eaten this week

  • After a few weeks of slacking on the chocolate-tasting front (note: I had no trouble on the general chocolate-eating front), I picked up a couple bars of Seed & Bean chocolate on offer – really excited as I am trying to save money so have resolved to buy fancy treat foods only on offer, and I love these chocolates, and they’re not the sort of brand you normally see on offer! At 11.30pm last Sunday night, after my last Sunday thoughts had been posted, I tried the Lemon & Cardamom (after a papaya with lime juice, so was feeling very fresh and fruity!). The flavours are very delicate and complex, making for a very cosy yet exotic taste experience. The chocolate was smooth and bold too, so I’m really glad I picked this up!
  • finally found the right time (well, you could argue that 11.30pm is probably not the right time to be snacking, but you understand, right?) to crack open my packet of Bloom’s Animal Crackers that the lovely Rachel sent me in March’s Vegan Food Swap (March! Really?!). They were a little broken but no less delicious – melt-in-your-mouth buttery, sweet but not overpoweringly so, luckily portioned off in a 120kcal bag which was just enough to satisfy the movie-snack cravings. Love these! Thanks again Rachel!
  • Continuing my destruction of my last Vegan Food Swap parcel (as I missed out April’s since I was in Australia), I attacked Shneider’s Delinut Duo breadsticks-and-chocolate-dip snack pack. As one little pack contains 270kcal it was difficult to slot it into a day where I wasn’t starving and wanting real food, but also hadn’t eaten too much. Monday Bank Holiday was perfect, as I hadn’t eaten due to getting up late and not expending much energy, but knew I had 2 hours of training ahead of me. I was so impressed! The chocolate dip is to die for, creamy and gooey, just the right consistency for the crunchy breadsticks. My only issue was that I made the mistake of eating the broken breadsticks last, which made it difficult to get the last of the dip out of the container… but that’s what we have fingers for!
  • Decidedly on a rampage of trying new things, I wasted no time (delicately) unwrapping another beautifully packaged bar of Seed & Bean chocolate – Mandarin & Ginger. This is not your average Mandarin & Ginger bar. I will save the pretentious tasting notes for my Dark Chocolate review page, but I will say that this is possibly the most impressive bar I have tasted from this company. I love their packaging too, which helps!
  • This always happens to me: I see Swedish Glace in my local supermarket, I decide not to buy it as “I have no reason to”, then when I return having decided to purchase some, it is no longer stocked. So when I invited friends around for ice cream on Friday, I felt like a right tit when I rushed to the supermarket after training and realised there was no vegan-friendly ice cream. Luckily, Fran came to the rescue with a tub of Booja-Booja Feisty Winjin Ginger (and strawberries)! I’ve had a few flavours of Booja-Booja ice cream before, but I wasn’t ready for how good this was going to be! Subtly sweet, smooth and creamy, with a warm tingle of ginger, I don’t understand why anyone would ever buy anything else after having tasted this!

Other highlights this week

  • Handing in my notice at work and deciding to take the big leap to launch my personal training business! By far the best bit of that has been how supportive everyone has been – friends, family, colleagues, casual acquaintances – I never expected this much encouragement and it truly makes my heart soar.
  • Fighting harder than ever to finish a triangle choke in Friday’s grappling class, and finishing it (against a small young guy who normally finishes me rather than the other way around)!
  • Having friends over on Friday night, chilling in my room with lots of tea, biscuits, ice cream and strawberries. A few hours of thinking of nothing else but good conversation.
  • Waking up a little earlier than planned on Saturday morning, but staying in bed to watch a movie without clock-watching. I can’t remember the last time I did that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pushing 10 years, and it just felt great.
  • Making some delicious smoothies using Sativa Shakes powder, soy milk, frozen mango chunks, and flax seed – just nailed the consistency and had them when I was so in the mood for them, so it definitely jazzed things up a little in my routine!

Well I’m going to have to call that a day (or a week!) as I have spent the last four hours in the kitchen baking and making healthy treats – more on that later this week – and now need to start winding down slowly into a long healthy sleep!

I hope you have all had a great week and have plenty of exciting things planned for the next week ahead!