Sunday thoughts

So, my first week back at work since my holiday – I haven’t even quite spent a full week back in London yet as this time last week I was in a plane somewhere above the Middle East I believe…

It has been an interesting week. Fresh from a holiday to a place that felt like home, surrounded by some of the people I love the most, and coming back to sunshine, I have been full of resolutions and fresh outlooks. I have decided to really make time for the things and the people that matter – my friends, my blog, but also cooking more interesting foods, reading more, making the effort to take walks out in the sunshine on my lunch breaks, paying a little more attention to my diet again (I know this is counter-intuitive but I do feel so much better when I’m not overeating or constantly “treating” myself – it all loses its appeal!)… Of course, I make no pretense that this feeling will last beyond a couple of weeks, especially if the weather stays as grey and chilly as it has gone back to being. However, even just a short break in my usual gloomy mindset is a welcome relief!

So, on to Sunday thoughts to see what has really stood out:

New things I have learnt this week

I will be enrolling in a massage course, and training up under Ben, so I have been doing a bit of reading – you can expect my “new things I have learnt” section to be taken up mainly with anatomy and physiology. This week I have been learning about the muscles that make up the rotator cuff, the structures comprising the spine, as well as muscles and bones of the hand and forearm. I have actually been surprised so far at how many of the terms I actually did know already, but I know I will become completely lost when it comes to remembering them all under pressure!

Ideally that’s not really the sort of information I want to include in this section – don’t worry, I will be trying not to make a habit of it! However, for my own purposes it is quite useful to be able to recall the things I have been focussing on, and also it is late and I don’t have much time to research the little things that have made me go, “Oh, that’s interesting!” this week. But I will get back to the random facts and useless information soon!

New things I have eaten this week

  • My friends and I visited Bonnington Café in Vauxhall on Wednesday. Turns out it is a little house tucked away on a residential street a few minutes’ walk from Vauxhall station, where there are different cooks each night and one of the two menu options is always vegan – starters and desserts are all £3, and mains are £7! It’s so good to see these sorts of initiatives, all the staff were lovely and the décor is warm and comfortable, I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t have a good time there. A really good find!

I don’t actually think I have eaten any new food items this week, which is quite disappointing. However, I have been trying to mix my diet up a little bit again as it was getting really repetitive and uninspiring right before going away. While I was on holiday I really enjoyed having a variety of options available to me, and being able to nibble away at bits and pieces, and I thought, “Why can’t I do that when I’m in London?”. I have a desk job, and plenty of time to snack, so I don’t exactly need hugely convenient snacks – I can always go and chop up a plate of fruit with some mixed nuts and seeds or whatever!

So with that in mind, I made myself a new style of lunch – a roast vegetable and lentil salad with parsnips, sweet potato, and green pepper, to which I added some walnuts, and served with a lemon-tahini dressing. It was pretty, and very tasty, and at only about 400kcal a serving allowed me plenty of room to snack away at nuts, fruit, and yoghurt for the rest of the day. Just nice to have something a little different.

Other highlights this week

  • Getting home early on Monday full of enthusiasm for life, and with a whole day ahead – did my cooking and my shopping and some writing and some tidying and all my unpacking – then still got to the gym and back with enough time to have a nice dinner and watch some Masterchef and get an early night! It was a happy day.
  • Going to the coffee shop in our work building with my colleagues for a meeting rather than sitting in a random breakout area. I think it made our meeting more productive as I think we felt like more of a team doing something nice together – and I also got a great coffee (Americano with soy milk) which is something I really only do when I want to treat myself, and which kept me buzzingly productive for the rest of the day.
  • Starting to get some really serious plans together for my personal training business… watch this space!
  • Going to Bonnington Café with my friends – the atmosphere in this little cooperative- run café is fantastic, and I always have such a great time with my friends.
  • Ben bought me a whole bunch of exciting new teas from Whittard which I can’t wait to try!
  • The first visit to Karma Free Pizza in a very long time – possibly the longest it has been since we first discovered it! It is still as good as ever, but more importantly Ben and I got to see a friend from the gym who has just undergone surgery, so it was a lovely evening for everyone I believe.

Right, well in keeping with my latest resolutions, I am going to unplug myself and get into bed with some tea and some reading matter, so that I can hopefully start this week feeling as fresh as last week (psychologically-speaking – physically, I hope I feel much much fresher, at least at the gym – more on post-holiday fitness later!).

I hope you have all enjoyed your weeks whatever you have been up to, and do let me know if you have any more tips for staying sane and enthusiastic whilst working full-time in a big capital city and training most nights and wanting to be able to keep up with friends and family, whilst also getting enough sleep and alone-time! To those of you reading this on Monday – happy new week!