Shake it, sh-shake it, shake it, sh-shake it

If you don’t have that song stuck in your head yet, here’s a nice version of it by Modern Baseball, to listen to while you read this post.

The kind folks at Sativa Shakes sent me some samples of their plant-based protein powders to try out. As I’m a big fan of supporting small, independent companies, so although the range of vegan protein out there is growing rapidly, I’m always excited to try new products from new companies who are going out on a limb to cater to a niche market.

They currently offer two products: Viva Sativa which is a raw hemp protein shake, and High Pro which is a blend of pea, soy, hemp and brown rice protein. Viva Sativa offers just under 14g of protein, 4.5g of carbohydrate, and 130kcal. High Pro contains 21-22g of protein and 2.4g of carbs per serving, with just over 100kcal. Both are sweetened with stevia – no aspartame.

Sativa Shakes samples

I like that the protein comes in pouches rather than tubs – much more environmentally friendly and also so much easier to dispose of.

Viva Sativa (Toffee)

130kcal / 13.7g protein / 4.5g carbohydrates / 3.7g fat / 6.1g fibre

Taste: Hemp protein is notorious for tasting foul, so I didn’t expect any miracles here. The toffee flavouring was tasty, smooth and rounded, but unfortunately couldn’t quite cover the bitter earthiness of hemp protein.

Texture: This mixes really, really well. No hemp grittiness, no lumps.

Overall: I generally prefer a shake with higher protein content, but it’s great to have a raw option out there for those who want to increase the raw content of their diet but still want a hand repairing muscle tissue after training. I mixed one scoop of this with one scoop of vanilla soy protein, and found the taste much more palatable with no adverse effect on mixability. As I take a fair bit of protein throughout the day, it’s also good to have something with a bit more fibre as well as Omega 3, 6 and 9. A good addition to the existing range.

Viva Sativa (Kiwi & Lime)

130kcal / 13.7g protein / 4.5g carbohydrates / 3.7g fat / 6.1g fibre

Taste: As above, although I didn’t quite have the guts to try this on its own! I tried it mixed with the High Pro Strawberry & Banana but a lot of the hemp bitterness still came through, so I tried it mixed with vanilla soy protein and it was much more enjoyable!

Texture: Again, really smooth shake, quite impressed.

Overall: Same as above, I would definitely continue including some Viva Sativa into my daily/weekly routine for variety, but I probably wouldn’t choose this flavour. A nice option for people who are sick of chocolate or vanilla or strawberry flavours.

High Pro (Strawberry & Banana)

105kcal / 22.3g protein / 1.3g carbohydrates / 1.2g fat / 1.4g fibre

Taste: This is possibly the least artificial-tasting shake I have had. The flavour was really mild, not overly sweet. Quite easy to drink after training.

Texture: Soy is typically very clumpy, and this is no exception. Stirring it does not work – make sure you use a proper shaker. It blends to a really smooth drink when you do.

Overall: A good multi-source flavoured protein blend. Not soy free, but also not as gritty or watery as some powders I have tried. Would make a great addition to a smoothie because the taste is so mild and the texture so smooth.

High Pro (Choc Caramel)

106kcal / 21g protein / 2.4g carbohydrates / 1.3g fat / 2g fibre

Taste: Definitely the best-tasting shake of the range in my opinion. Smooth, not overly rich or sweet, I drink this one straight up.

Texture: As above, the soy does make this a little clumpier than the hemp shakes, but the texture is still the best of any multi-source protein blends I have tried.

Overall: I think this may be my favourite multi-source protein blend. Really like this product.

So there it is, hopefully a nice little introduction to plant protein for those who aren’t yet initiated, or a helpful introduction to a new product. I have to say, I am really enjoying having different shakes throughout the week instead of the same shakes every day – we all need a varied diet for optimum health so why not incorporate that to our supplement routine?

Sativa Shakes and shaker

Another little detail is that I really like their shaker lid – instead of the clip-on and peel-open openings you get on most shakers, it’s a screw-top opening which seals shut really tightly, so it’s really practical and means you neither have to suck the little drip of protein shake out of the lid before drinking, nor dribble it down your cheek as you tip the container. Don’t act confused, we’ve all been there.

Has anyone else tried Sativa Shakes? If you have, please leave your thoughts in the comments section – otherwise, feel free to send me any questions and I will do my best to help!