Pancake week + Valentine’s day + vegan + fitness

I’m pretty sure this is the fourth year in a row that I have spent Valentine’s day at the gym.

Instead of doing whatever normal people do on Valentine’s day, I spent my free time learning how to dislocate someone’s knee or, failing that, to snap their ankle in one direction or the other, then rolling around with a girl trying to choke her. I then dragged my barefoot sweaty self up to Ben’s abs class, where he managed to make my abs burn and cramp like they rarely have done.

But Ben being far more romantic than I, we did manage to grab a few minutes of peace and quiet during which he gave me his little Valentine’s surprise.

Having missed Shrove Tuesday (well, I didn’t literally miss the day altogether, but I didn’t have any pancakes, which in my world is tantamount to pretty much wasting the entire day), and also having run out of food in the fridge, I was quite delighted that Ben had picked me up one of my favourite savoury treats and convenience foods: a Laura’s Idea vegan spinach pancake!

Vegan spinach pancakeDelicious hot or cold, easily transportable, and weighing in at just under 400kcal with over 10g of protein, this is one convenient treat that you needn’t feel guilty about. Well, I rarely feel too guilty about my treats, but some might.

Plus I feel a little bit better now, having eaten at least one pancake during what I shall hereby refer to as “Pancake Week”, because I believe in the rights of pancakes to be eaten any and every day of the week.

Of course, it wouldn’t be me, Ben, or Valentine’s day, without chocolate! So he also got me a box of Divine Dark Chocolate After Dinner Mint Thins.

Divine After Dinner Mints

I know it’s a terrible photo but I love the packaging, and it looks like it was just made to live on my bed…! Having eaten a couple (each one is just under 50kcal, if we’re counting) I can confirm that they are every bit as delicious as the pretentious well-known non-vegan equivalent – only vegan, fairtrade, and with better packaging. So there.

So whether you are a happy, bitter, single, attached, spent your night at the gym or spent it making yourself chocolate treats (this is also something I did a few years ago – I was still up, in my pyjamas, covered in melted chocolate, at the tail-end of my first ever attempt at making vegan truffles when my housemates came back from their singles Valentine’s night out), happy 14th February whatever it means to you… I just hope this post reminds you that there is no harm in being at the gym on Valentine’s day, but please do take it as an excuse to come home and treat yourself. And if you don’t think it’s a good enough occasion to go all out with crazy treats, now you know there are some healthy and convenient vegan foods out there just waiting for you to show them some love!