Sunday thoughts plus a bit of Monday

Oops… well it was bound to happen sometime; I just couldn’t afford to stay up later last night to actually write my Sunday thoughts down. The thoughts happened, at some point or another, but I just didn’t get a chance to formulate them and type them out.

Which is just a reflection of the fact that I was having a lovely weekend, full of friends and sleep and good food, and some excellent training.

The weekend was definitely the best part of my week (you’d have to wonder what I was doing wrong if it wasn’t, really), but there are definitely some things worth mentioning from this week.

New things I have learnt this week

Oh dear, I’ve done it again. I have a very clear memory of myself thinking, “Oh that’s interesting, that’ll be great for my Sunday thoughts… I should probably write it down… Nah, I’ll remember!”. When will I learn?! I did read a few articles around the topic of weight maintenance, but nothing that I really learnt anything from.

I definitely did learn something, but I guess the fact that I can’t remember it now means I have well and truly forgotten!

Having said that, I did watch a few good TED talks, as well as the Lance Armstrong Oprah Winfrey interview, so I did stretch my brain cells out a little.

New things I have eaten this week

  • Tesco Finest Swiss 85% Plain Chocolate – Let’s just say, I have drawn the conclusion that cheap chocolate is good, and expensive chocolate is good (well, very good). Next-step-up chocolate is not good, and not worth the extra money. Although I am a chocolate snob, I do like Tesco’s own brand cheap and cheerful 85% dark chocolate. This chocolate, supposedly a notch up, left me cold, and made me feel silly for spending a little extra money on it (although admittedly I only did so because I couldn’t find the other stuff).
  • Went back to Karma Free Pizza and this time tried a new pizza – well, two new pizzas as I went back twice… or even 4 new pizzas as each time I tried some of Ben’s – but more importantly I ate doughballs for the first time! I was very excited, to the point that Ben had to remind me that they were just balls of dough and “really not that special”, but when they came out looking like smooth golden little balls of lightly crusty heaven, not only did they not disappoint me but they impressed Ben!
  • I am still munching away at my UK Vegan Food Swap goodies and finally broke into the Raw Chocolate Company Goji Berry & Orange bar. Having had their chocolates before, I expected great things, and great things I got!
  • I visited Le Pain Quotidien and had their Detox Salad.  I hate ordering things called “Detox” because I hate being a cliché, but it was what I was in the mood for and it had been tempting me for ages. Unfortunately it was everything you’d expect from something with “detox” in the name – quite bland and healthy. However, with an extra splash of balsamic vinegar and plenty of the delicious bread it was served with, it really was quite enjoyable. Not worth the tenner they charge for it though! Next time I am sticking to their vegan muffins.
  • Ben made us a new curry from Anupy Singla‘s Vegan Indian cookbook – Tofu Curry which he served with Sweet Potato and Split Lentil Hash… The curry was much too hot but hey, it was a Saturday night adventure!

Other highlights this week

  • A few really great training sessions, including one cross-trainer sprint session during which I think I may have hit an overall PB – not a mile PB, but a 20min average pace PB or something. I will need to check over my training log and current numbers. Either way, it felt great and really gave me a much-needed boost after feeling quite sluggish the previous week.
  • Obviously going to Karma Free Pizza twice!
  • Catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in ages (actually a colleague who now works in a different office – now that I think about it we had never actually gone out outside of work, so that’s even cooler), and just doing the sit-and-talk-for-hours thing.

It was one of those weeks where I guess nothing stood out as being great, but then the whole thing was just a string of contentedness and small successes. You need those every once in a while but I particularly needed it last week.

Anyway we are now well into the grips of this week so time to stop looking back and start making this week even better! I am looking forward to dinner at Dover Street Restaurant, and a long weekend in France with the family –  and also to trying out the black salt powder than Ben found me, as I have been wanting to try it out for years!

How has everyone else’s February started? Please share your successes and stories!